The Best Reasons For Using Hands-On Morning Work {Freebie!}

Morning work tubs have been part of my classroom for a few years now, and this teacher is completely sold! Now that my morning work is hands-on and paperless, I've had more time for planning content and can accomplish all of my morning activities without interruptions. Here are my best reasons for using hands-on morning work {and a freebie!}.

Picture of math morning work task cards with linking cubes and text that says, "The Best Reasons For Using Hands-On Morning Work."

In my several years' experience with morning work, I've discovered many benefits that I'd love to share with you!

Relevant Learning

I love that I can provide my students with learning activities that are relevant to their curriculum. My morning work activities are 100% editable, so when I am teaching a split-grade classroom like I am this year, I can ensure that both groups of students are focused on appropriate, relevant learning targets.

Flexible Entry

We start our school day at 8:05, but I have many students who arrive late regularly, so morning work provides the opportunity for my students to be engaged in great learning while others trickle in and unpack. It eliminates frustrating interruptions to my first lesson of the day.

Uninterrupted Teacher Time

Having my students independently engaged with a task that they are familiar with allows me to work uninterrupted on tasks such as:

  • completing attendance
  • collecting forms and money
  • reading and responding to notes from parents
  • a quick conversation with a parent arriving at the classroom
  • solving yard issues
  • one-on-one conferencing with students
  • and so much more!

Experience With Manipulatives

I love that my morning work bins provide my students with experience using a wide variety of different math manipulatives. This makes using these essential tools much easier during our math lessons and small-group activities.

Easily Differentiated

I've provided my students with morning work tasks at a wide range of ability, so there is something in every tub that is appropriate for every student in my class. Even my non-readers can participate without my help by using the more picture-based cards.

Engaging and Motivating

My students love my hands-on morning work activities so much that there is rarely any delay with the unpacking routines in the morning. They want their first choice of the tub, so everyone stays on task and gets started quickly!


Probably my favorite thing about having morning work task cards is that prep is once-and-done! I print the cards on heavy paper, laminate, cut, and group together with binder clips and they are stored right in the manipulative buckets. I never have to worry about photocopying or managing paper during this time.

Try It Free 😊

I have a set of 16 free hands-on morning work activities that you can use in your classroom today! This download even includes an editable file so that you can differentiate to meet the needs of all your students! Interested? Click here:

Picture of math morning work task cards with linking cubes and text that says, "Free Math Morning Work! Click here to get 16 free math morning work activities."

Already Convinced?

If you have fallen in love with these Math Morning Work task cards like I have, you can grab over 280 of them with an editable template right now right here: 

Cover of Math Morning Work task card resource.

Before you go... I'd love to know what your favorite math manipulatives to use in your classroom are! Leave me a comment below to let me know!

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Picture of math morning work task cards with linking cubes and text that says, "The Best Reasons For Using Hands-On Morning Work. Free Centers!"


  1. Hi Erin! Do you have any cards for ELA morning work? We are departamentalized and I don't teach math anymore.

    1. Hi Andrea! Thanks for stopping by! I don't have anything in this style for ELA, but my word work centers are similar in their hands-on format.

      Hope this is helpful! Feel free to email me at if I can be of further assistance! :)


  2. Taking on a lifeskills composite room this fall. Did this position years before. All you ideas and resources are very much appreciated! Thank you!!

    1. I'm glad they're helpful, Rita! All the best with your new position!


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