Why Memory Books Are a Great Way to Wrap The Year

The end of a school year can be a bittersweet time for many students, who may not look forward to a long summer away from their friends, predictability, and routine. Here are my top reasons why memory books are a great way to wrap up the school year!

Image of print and digital memory books and text that says, "Why Memory Books Are a Great Way to Wrap The Year."

I have several great reasons for loving memory books. For me, they are the perfect way to end my school year.

Keep Students Working

I generally pull out our memory book project after my report cards are completed. These final weeks of the school year can be tricky. Spring fever has set in, there's little curriculum left to cover, and everyone is feeling done with routine classwork.

Memory books are an engaging way to keep your students working during this busy time of the school year. 

While my students are working, I usually take the time to start packing up my classroom in preparation for summer cleaning, or purging my unused resources and files.

Reflect On The Positive

As I previously said, the end of the year can be a hard time for some students, and I've found that it is helpful to have them thinking about the positive aspects of the school year. They are spending the time thinking about their favorite memories of the past eight months which creates a positive mindset heading into summer.

Image of pages from the school year memory book.

Fantastic Keepsake

Memory books make a fabulous keepsake that your students will hold on to for years to come! I've had former students come back to visit my classroom and tell me that this is one of the things they still have from our time together. That warms this teacher's heart!

Ready to Get Started?

My memory book resource is perfect for students in 2nd to 5th grades! I've included covers for these grades and lots of fun activity pages to choose from. There is also a digital version perfect for use in your Google Classroom!

If you are new to Teachers Pay Teachers (my all-time favorite site for teaching resources!), you can set up a free account here!

Image of pages from the print and digital school year memory book.

Let me know what sorts of things you like to include in your end-of-the-year celebrations in the comments below! I love hearing from you!

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Image of print and digital memory books and text that says, "Why Memory Books Are a Great Way to Wrap The Year."

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