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How to Have a Shared Library Without Spreading Illness

Teachers like me are trying desperately to maintain a sense of "normal" as we head back to school, but shared parts of the classroom like libraries are in question. Can they be used? If yes, how can we do it safely? Here are my unofficial thoughts on this issue.

Classroom library sign with text, "How to Have a Shared Library Without Spreading Illness."

How to Easily Use Pages From One Google Resource In Another

If you're teaching online this fall, there's a good chance you'll be using Google Classroom and Google Drive resources during your distance learning activities. To keep this as simple as possible, there will be times that you want to use just part of one Google activity inside another resource that you're sharing with your students. Here are some tips for easily doing that.

Hand on computer mouse with text, "How to Easily Use Pages From One Google Resource In Another"

How to Use the Helpful New Digital Overlay Tool on TpT

Teachers Pay Teachers has introduced a super-helpful digital overlay tool for use with PDF files on the site in anticipation of continued distance learning or virtual classrooms this year. Paired with Google Classroom, this tool takes some headaches out of preparation time for teachers.

Photo of TpT Digital Activities Tool on iPad screen.

How to Share Classroom Supplies During COVID Pandemic

Sharing classroom supplies is a regular occurrence in elementary classrooms, but how will a global pandemic change this practice? Here are some suggestions for how to share classroom supplies safely during COVID-19 and physical distancing.

Children's hands on globe with text, "How to Safely Share Classroom Supplies During the Covid Pandemic."

How to Get to Know Your Students in a Virtual Setting

The first days and weeks of school are usually spent building classroom community and getting to know our students, but what happens when you're teaching remotely? How can you get to know your students in a virtual setting? Here's your chance to grab some engaging community-building activities to use during distance teaching!

Terrific Books That Will Make You Really Escape

It is evident from posts on social media that I'm not the only person escaping real life for a bit each day by diving into a good book. Since I'm always on the lookout for recommendations for great reads, I thought others might appreciate some as well. Here are some terrific books that will make you really escape what's going on in the world today.

Photo of books and coffee with text, "Terrific Books That Will Make You Really Escape."