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Terrific Books That Will Make You Really Escape

It is evident from posts on social media that I'm not the only person escaping real life for a bit each day by diving into a good book. Since I'm always on the lookout for recommendations for great reads, I thought others might appreciate some as well. Here are some terrific books that will make you really escape what's going on in the world today.

Photo of books and coffee with text, "Terrific Books That Will Make You Really Escape."

How to Split a Google Slides File to Share Easily

You've got a great new digital resource, but you only want to share a few pages at a time. What on earth do you do? The answer is simple! Here's how to split a Google Slides file to share easily with your students.

My Favorite Teacher Planner for the 2020 School Year

New teacher planners are launching for the 2020 school year, and I'm reviewing my favorite, the Erin Condren Teacher Planner. Walk through the new Erin Condren 2020 Teacher Planner with me as I go through it page-by-page with images, or check out the video, and grab $10 off if you're a new Erin Condren customer at the bottom of this post!

Photo of 2020 Erin Condren Teacher Planner

How to Easily Share New Resources With Students Remotely

Teaching students to use new resources can be challenging on the best days, but when you're separated by distance, it can be downright painful! Here are three simple tips for how you can easily share new resources with your students remotely.

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How to Easily Adapt Your Resources for Distance Learning

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more schools are turning to distance learning while schools are shut down to prevent the spread of the virus. Wondering how to use the resources you already have? Here are my suggestions for how to easily adapt your resources for distance learning.

Celebrating The Joys of Teaching on International Day of Happiness

During these uncertain times, it can be easy to slip into negative thoughts, but for this International Day of Happiness I've rounded up from teachers some of the reasons we love teaching! Here are some motivating reminders to get you through the dark days.

Photo of balloons with text, "Celebrating The Joys of Teaching on International Day of Happiness"