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How to Get Fresh Nutritious Meals Delivered to Your Door

As a busy teacher, I've caught myself falling into a rut of grabbing a take-out pizza, frozen dinner, or sodium-laced grocery deli meal for dinner far more often than I know I should. At the end of the school day, I don't have any interest in searching through the grocery store to find the ingredients I need to prep something healthy and delicious, but I've recently discovered the answer to my prayers. Here is my secret for how to get fresh, delicious meals delivered to your door when you are a busy teacher.

Photo of meal with text, "How to Get Fresh Delicious Meals Delivered to Your Door."

3 Reasons to Have an IPEVO Document Camera in Your Classroom

Back in the fall, I received a new document camera from IPEVO, and it has quickly become a relied-upon piece of classroom technology. If you don't already have access to a document camera at school, check out these 3 reasons to have an IPEVO document camera in your classroom.

Image of document camera with text, "3 Reasons to Have an IPEVO Document Camera in Your Classroom

How to Engage Your Students With 3-Act Math Tasks

This year at a Math Lead in-service at our Education Centre, I was introduced to 3-Act Math Tasks. They've engaged my students so much that they are now a permanent part of my weekly math program, and my students tell me, "This is the best part of Thursday." Read on to learn the basics of how to engage your students with 3-Act Math Tasks.

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How to Get Students to Write Complete Responses

When I assign multi-step problems in my Grade 5/6 classroom at the beginning of the year, I almost unanimously see my students leaving out parts of the question when they respond. To solve this problem, I've created an easy strategy to get students to write complete responses in any subject area.

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2018 - Year in Review

Happy New Year! At the beginning of every new year, I love to look back at all of the posts I shared throughout the year. This is my 2018 Year In Review. These are my Top 10 Blog Posts of 2018!

Get Your Life On Track With a New Life Planner

I have my fourth Erin Condren Life Planner in my hands, ready for 2019 to arrive in a few short weeks! Get your life back on track with the new Erin Condren 2019 Life Planner! Walk through it with me as I go through page-by-page with images, and grab $10 your first purchase at the bottom of this post!

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How to Improve Mathematics Scores Using a TACK Board

Explicitly connecting our teaching to the achievement categories in the Ontario Mathematics Curriculum in a way that allows students to understand it is critical for student success. Improve mathematics scores in your Grade 1-8 classroom using a TACK Board.

Photo of TACK Board with text, "How to Improve Math Scores Using a TACK Board."

How to Easily Ensure Absent Students Complete Missed Work

Teaching in a Grade 5/6 classroom, curriculum moves quickly, and when students are absent, the work starts to pile up on desks and, more often than not, ends up missing or stuffed loose inside the student's desk when he or she returns.

Read on to see how I avoid missing assignments and easily ensure my absent students complete missed work and grab a freebie for your classroom.

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