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The Honest Truth: You Need More Than Just Math Centers

Guided Math is a fabulous approach to teaching in elementary classrooms, but is using centers enough? Probably not.

Photo of math manipulatives with text, "The Honest Truth: You Need More Than Math Centers."

10+ Easy Lunches That Will Save Teachers Valuable Time

Take lunch preparation worries off your to-do list with these 10+ easy lunch meals that will save you valuable time!

Food is the last thing you need to be worrying about when you're preparing to go back to school. You've got class lists to refine, open houses to attend, and decisions about whether you'll decorate your room with Harry Potter or a shiplap theme.

Every teacher needs a go-to list of easy lunch meals they can grab inspiration from, especially at the beginning of the school year.

Let me do the digging for you with this list of more than 10 easy lunch meals that will save you valuable time!

Photo of lunch items with text, "10+ Easy Lunches That Will Save Teachers Valuable Time"

How to Write Error-Free Report Card Comments: The Best Solution

After hours writing report card comments, the editing process can sometimes take just as long. Easily write error-free report card comments with this free online writing assistant.

Writing report card comments is exhausting. You've just completed days of marking, your desk is piled up like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and all you want to do is take your new novel outside to the finally-warming spring sunshine.

Photo of computer desktop with text, "How to Write Error-Free Report Card Comments."

Announcing The Best New Teacher Planner You Need (with Video!)

You need a teacher planner, but there are SO many to choose from!

You could:

  1. pop some boring Word document pages into a simple binder, 
  2. search the dwindling supply on the Michaels shelves in all the stores within driving distance, 
  3. or save yourself a ton of time and grab one of these beauties which will be delivered right to your door!

Photo of 2019 Teacher Planner with text, "Erin Condren Teacher Planner Walk-Through."

5 Important Reasons to Make Your Schedule Predictable

Do you have a schedule or agenda posted in your classroom? You should! Here are 5 important reasons to make your schedule predictable.

Photo of class schedule with text, "5 Reasons to Make Your Classroom Schedule Predictable."

How to Easily Free Up Your Time: Delegate These Now

I'm a firm believer in the motto, "Work Smarter, Not Harder." You can't do it all! There's a pile of marking toppling over on the desk, last month's marking is waiting to be filed, and report cards won't write themselves! To free up some time you've got to DELEGATE!

Photo of bookshelf with text, "4 Simple Tasks You Should Delegate to Students."

How to Easily Improve Student Success: One Simple Strategy

A Bump It Up Wall has changed the way I show my students how to improve their work. You might be wondering what exactly it is. I've got you covered.

This one simple addition to your classroom can increase student success in any subject area!

Photo of bump it up wall with text, "How a Bump It Up Wall Can Improve Student Success."

How To Support Mental Health in the Classroom

Year after year, the students arriving in my classroom are exhibiting more signs of mental health problems. From anxiety to depression to anger, I've seen it all and over the years have developed some great ways to support mental health in the classroom.

Sad child with text, "How to Support Mental Health in the Classroom."