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5 Important Reasons to Make Your Schedule Predictable

Do you have a schedule or agenda posted in your classroom? You should! Here are 5 important reasons to make your schedule predictable.

Photo of class schedule with text, "5 Reasons to Make Your Classroom Schedule Predictable."

4 Simple Tasks You Should Delegate to Students Now

I'm a firm believer in the motto, "Work Smarter, Not Harder" so over my years of teaching I've found classroom things that I'm easily able to hand off to my students. Here are 4 simple tasks you should delegate to your students now.

Photo of bookshelf with text, "4 Simple Tasks You Should Delegate to Students."

How a Bump It Up Wall Can Improve Student Success

A Bump It Up Wall is the perfect way to show your students how to improve their work and increase success in any subject area!

Photo of bump it up wall with text, "How a Bump It Up Wall Can Improve Student Success."

How To Support Mental Health in the Classroom

Year after year, the students arriving in my classroom are exhibiting more signs of mental health problems. From anxiety to depression to anger, I've seen it all and over the years have developed some great ways to support mental health in the classroom.

Sad child with text, "How to Support Mental Health in the Classroom."

How Using a Journal Can Improve Your Life

Keeping a daily journal is an excellent way to focus on gratitude, get organized, and set goals. Here's how using a journal can improve your life.

Journal Supplies with text, "How Using a Daily Journal Can Improve Your Life."

How to Get Fresh Nutritious Meals Delivered to Your Door

As a busy teacher, I've caught myself falling into a rut of grabbing a take-out pizza, frozen dinner, or sodium-laced grocery deli meal for dinner far more often than I know I should. At the end of the school day, I don't have any interest in searching through the grocery store to find the ingredients I need to prep something healthy and delicious, but I've recently discovered the answer to my prayers. Here is my secret for how to get fresh, delicious meals delivered to your door when you are a busy teacher.

Photo of meal with text, "How to Get Fresh Delicious Meals Delivered to Your Door."

3 Reasons to Have an IPEVO Document Camera in Your Classroom

Back in the fall, I received a new document camera from IPEVO, and it has quickly become a relied-upon piece of classroom technology. If you don't already have access to a document camera at school, check out these 3 reasons to have an IPEVO document camera in your classroom.

Image of document camera with text, "3 Reasons to Have an IPEVO Document Camera in Your Classroom

How to Engage Your Students With 3-Act Math Tasks

This year at a Math Lead in-service at our Education Centre, I was introduced to 3-Act Math Tasks. They've engaged my students so much that they are now a permanent part of my weekly math program, and my students tell me, "This is the best part of Thursday." Read on to learn the basics of how to engage your students with 3-Act Math Tasks.

Image of math tools with text, "Engage Your Students With 3-Act Math Tasks."