Guided Math FAQ

Guided Math Frequently Asked Questions

Guided Math Frequently Asked Questions

Hello! If you're on this page, it is because you still have some questions about how I run my Guided Math program. Be sure that you've already grabbed my Guided Math Quick-Start Guide with free centers because it will answer many of your questions!

Guided Math Quick Start Guide

I've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions here and provided my answers, but feel free to email me if anything is unclear or there's anything else you need to know!

Do your Guided Math resources contain Canadian spelling?

YES! Like all my other resources, I've included both US and Canadian spelling in all my Guided Math Centers packages. As a Canadian teacher myself, I understand the importance of having appropriate spelling models for our students. Currency and measurement units are also differentiated!

Do your centers cover all the expectations in the curriculum?

I created my centers to engage the students with on-task, relevant activities during the time that I am teaching my focused lessons. I did not intend for the centers to address every expectation. My Differentiated Guided Math Lessons are 100% aligned with the Ontario Mathematics expectations and CCSS standards.

Do you do guided math five days a week?

Not necessarily. I let my students' strengths, needs, and interests guide my teaching, so there are times when I’ll teach strictly with my centers, for others I’ll use a more whole-group approach, and for others, I’ll do a mix of both. The best thing about Guided Math is that it is totally flexible. If you're looking for a sample weekly rotation schedule, grab the Quick-Start guide above!

Do you do a whole-group lesson at the beginning of the period?

Sometimes. I always introduce independent centers to the whole group at the beginning of a unit. I occasionally do a whole-group lesson about a specific topic in our unit, but this is only when most of my students can access the topic at the same level. The purpose of Guided Math is to differentiate for all learners, and that doesn't happen when you teach one lesson to the whole class.

How often do you change or rotate your centers?

I don't! I introduce all of the centers to my students at the beginning of the unit and allow them to choose which of the activities they complete during that rotation. I do expect that they stick with one and not jump between them, but choice is a powerful motivator, and I generally see more focused, quality work when my students choose what they do.

Do students go to every station in one day?

No, I usually do two rotations in a day, each about 20-30 minutes long. Anything shorter than that and I don't get much quality teaching time with my Teacher Time group.

At the end of your math block do students do some sort of assessment, such as an exit ticket? 

I do not assess the work my students have done in their independent centers, only the work that is done in my small-group lesson instruction.

What resources do I need to get started?

You will need center activities for your students to work with while you are teaching your small-group lessons. I have year-long bundles of both available here:

Guided Math Centers Bundle

Guided Math Lessons Bundle

Is there a particular order you introduce the units in?

No. I let my students' strengths, needs, and interests guided my teaching. I try not to let my long-range plans get in the way of curiosity, so if something comes up in the classroom that takes us into a specific strand that I hadn't planned on, I go with it!

Do you print all of your centers on cardstock in color AND laminate them?

I do! I have used my centers for 4+ years with no need to replace anything yet, so the cost of doing it right the first time is worth it, in my opinion. If you're worried about the cost of color printing, you should check out the HP Instant Ink program. It is a very cost-efficient way to print in color. The link above is an affiliate link that gets you a free month when you join!

I teach French Immersion. Do you have Guided Math resources in French?

I do! All of my centers have been translated into French and are available individually or in a money-saving bundle:

Guided Math French Centers Bundle

If you have questions about French lesson resources, please contact me by email at

Have I missed something? Don't hesitate to email me at!

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