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How to Have an Amazing Classroom Library Without Going Broke

A well-stocked classroom library is absolutely critical in elementary school, no matter what grade you teach. If children are going to learn to read, they need to have books in their hands. The problem is, more and more teachers are walking into empty classrooms and not given budgets to fill them.

A 2016 report by Scholastic found that 56% of teachers purchased books for their classrooms out of their own pocket. They also found that the average elementary school classroom contains 362 books.

I'll give you a moment to consider the cost of this.

Pretty significant, isn't it?! Chances are, at least half of the people reading this blog are purchasing books for their classrooms, so I want to share some tips for finding good-quality books without breaking the bank.

Building a classroom library on a budget is possible, if you know where to look. Check out this teacher's favorite places to find bargain children's books and build a library of great kids' books for your classroom without breaking the bank!

The Best St. Patrick's Day Food and Fun Party Ideas

With a name like Erin Beattie you MUST have to love St. Patrick's Day, right?! 😉 It doesn't get more Irish than that. 🍀

Unfortunately, our March Break always falls on the week of St. Patrick's Day so I've never had the chance to do any fun activities with my classes, but that doesn't mean that I don't have a bunch of fun ideas!

Planning a St. Patrick's Day party in your classroom? Check out this round-up of the best St. Patrick's Day books, activities, challenges, and food ideas, and grab a couple of St. Patrick's Day FREEBIES while you're there!

5 Easy Ways to Get the Most Out of Spring Break

It has finally arrived! Your Spring Break is here! I know just how you're feeling: The kids in your classroom, while you love them dearly, are driving you nuts, with constant arguing and listening skills that have gone out the window. You've only recently finished report cards, and the many extra hours outside of your teaching day have you living on coffee and whatever you can eat while sitting in front of your computer.

You. Are. Tired.

Make the most of your time off. It will be over before you know it!

Spring Break has arrived and you are one tired teacher. Students have stopped listening, won't stop arguing, and everyone is ready for a break! Take a look a 5 easy ways to get the most out of your Spring Break. #3 is the best!!

How to Easily Print on Sticky Notes

I've been asked several times lately how I print on sticky notes in my new Differentiated Guided Math Lessons package. It really is very easy, and a trick that can be used for many different purposes in the classroom.

Printing on sticky notes is simple when you follow these easy steps! Post-Its will become a fixture in your classroom when you discover how this is done. Take a look at one practical example for using sticky notes in your classroom in this blog post!

Introducing New Differentiated Lessons For Guided Math

I launched my Guided Math centers back in October of 2014 and since then have connected with hundreds of teachers who have used these resources in their classrooms.

If you are using Guided Math in your classroom, this resource is for you! These differentiated lessons are designed for small-group instruction while your other students are engaged in independent guided math activities. Aligned to CCSS and the Ontario Math Curriculum.

The final package in my Guided Math centers bundle was added just about a year ago, in January of 2016, and since then I have wanted to get to the missing piece... the Teacher Time lessons.

How Technology Can Help Tame Your Paper Obsession

I bet If I walked into your classroom and took a good look around I'd find a filing cabinet full of old units and worksheets bursting from their file folders. Or maybe you have a bin full of hanging files attempting to control your papers. Am I right?

Are you a teacher looking to organize your classroom files? Have you considered going digital? This post will help you consider the pros and cons of digital file storage and how you can store all those classroom files digitally! Includes a 6-month free subscription to a popular lesson planning site!

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