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Cultivating a Culture of Kindness in the Classroom

In the United States, February 17th marks National Random Acts of Kindness day (this special day falls in November in many other parts of the world). There are SO many awesome ways to tie this special day into your classroom activities and make kindness part of your everyday classroom culture.

Cultivate a culture of kindness in your classroom with these Random Acts of Kindness ideas for children and young students. Gather ideas for your classroom and grab a FREEBIE - a 30-Day Random Acts of Kindness Challenge for Kids!

10 of the Best Picture Books for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate in your classroom than with fun stories?!

10 of the Best Valentine's Day Books for Primary Classrooms - Celebrate Valentine's Day in your classroom with these great picture books that your students will love, and check out a great reading response resource to accompany my favorite title!

If there's one thing I know about primary students it is that they LOVE to listen to adults read. Actually, when I am reading to my students it is the ONLY time they are truly ALL listening to me! 😂 All kidding aside, here are some of my favorite books for Valentine's Day.

2016 - Year In Review

Happy New Year! At the beginning of each new year, I love looking back on the highlights of the year I'm leaving behind. Here is my 2016 Year In Review. These are my Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016!

The Best Ways to Get Organized in the Classroom

Having an organized classroom does not come naturally to everyone. Most of us have some tricks and routines that we rely on to stay organized, be it organized chaos or something a little more polished. Here are my personal favorite ways to stay organized in the classroom.

Classroom organization doesn't come easily to everyone. If you're a teacher looking to better organize your life in (and out of!) the classroom, this post is for you! Grab ideas, free app ideas and discounts for getting organized in your elementary or middle school classroom.

How to Use Pumpkins in the Classroom

This is the PERFECT time to bring the outdoors into the classroom! Many teachers take their students on outdoor scavenger hunts, integrate the changing colors of the leaves into art activities, and read fall-themed stories, but have you ever thought of bringing pumpkins into the classroom?

This is the PERFECT time to bring the outdoors into the classroom! Read and write about pumpkins and investigate them inside and out! This post is full of book suggestions and ideas for pumpkin math activities that you can easily do with the students in your classroom.

Fun Ways to Start the Day in the Elementary Classroom

Are you looking for meaningful morning activities for your classroom? Limit the worksheets and check out some hands-on, curriculum-related ideas that will get your students learning from the moment they walk in the classroom! From brain breaks to warm-up activities to morning meeting, it's here!

Morning arrival can be a hectic time in the classroom. Some schools serve breakfast, others have students trickling in over a period of time, and on many occasions there are forms, book orders or money to collect. In my 18 years of teaching I've tried many different morning routines, and have read about many others. This is my round-up of some great ways to start your school day!

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