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How To Easily Manage Home-School Communication

Today's tip for Teacher Tips Tuesday is about managing all the paperwork and communication that flows back and forth each day between home and school. You know what I'm talking about... agenda, newsletters, field trip forms, fund raising notices... I could go on and on!

Student Mailboxes to Easily Manage Home-School Communication

Easy & Inexpensive Way to Manage Math Manipulatives

Math manipulatives need to be accessible to students, but how can you store them effectively? When I moved into my primary classroom from fifth grade nearly three years ago, I inherited a bunch of bins full of dusty, dirty math manipulatives. Here's what I've done with them.

When I arrived in my new classroom, I was greeted by these awful piles of bins:

There was NO WAY I could look at these all year, so I set out to find the perfect storage system. I found it in Home Depot, of all places, in the form of shoeboxes!

Inexpensive Math Manipulative Storage

These little beauties are dust-free and stack beautifully because of the lids! I love that they are clear so we can see what is inside, and I made these lovely little colorful labels that just make my heart happy. You can grab them in an editable form HERE.

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Sure-Fire Ways to Make Primary Students Love Math

It is no secret that independent paper-and-pencil tasks are NOT the way to engage students in the classroom. While there is a place for these, in my 18 years of teaching I have learned that the best learning experiences, the most engaging activities, involve movement and communication with others. From hands-on tasks with manipulatives to "scooting" around the classroom, here are my favorite ways to make my primary students love math.

How to Print Your TpT Purchases

If you've ever purchased anything from Teachers Pay Teachers and wanted to have it printed professionally you may have run into problems. When printers see copyright information on a resource they will sometimes refuse to print it without proof that permission has been granted. Today, I have a solution for you!!

I wanted to share with all of the TpT buyers out there this little tip. No more do you have to track down a seller's email address and wait until they read and respond to your request. By visiting your "My Purchases" page on TpT, you will have access to a "Printable Printing Authorization" for the resource you are wanting to use!

Mind blown?! You're welcome! ;)

How To Make Your SMART Board Lessons Interactive

I'm thrilled to have recently been a guest blogger for Tabitha at FlapJack Educational Resources! I hope you'll pop over to read all about how I easily make my SMART Board lessons interactive!
SMART Board Tips and Tricks

Cheap iPad Storage - Teacher Tips Tuesday

Cheap Classroom iPad Storage

Do you have a set of iPads in your classroom and can't afford the fancy storage containers? I think this is the reality for most teachers. 

I received 6 new iPads just over a year ago, and for the first few weeks I struggled with having them standing in a plastic bin. The problem was, every time a couple of the iPads were pulled out the entire bin tipped over spilling the others. A colleague of mine made an amazing suggestion that has worked brilliantly in my room ever since:

Colored Pencil Management - Teacher Tips Tuesday

teacher tips colored pencil management

Colored Pencil Management

My students work in table groups and have a community bin with all the supplies they require throughout the day - colored pencils, crayons, glue sticks, scissors and rulers. Over the course of the year, colored pencils always go missing, or the packages need to be replenished, and I always end up with a bin full of odds and ends with no great way to manage them.

Last year I discovered the PERFECT storage system for the extra pencils, and it came from the dollar store!

Pencil Management - Teacher Tips Tuesday

Welcome to the first-ever Teacher Tips Tuesday! Pencil management is the name of the game today!

I have a million fun little tips and tricks that I'd love to share but they don't always feel important enough for an entire blog post, so... I thought I'd make this a weekly event! I'm planning on sharing some small (or large!) teacher tip with you each week, and invite you to link up your own teacher tip blog posts!

Pencil Management

In the past two years teaching primary students, pencils have been a HUGE headache for me. Every single day someone would find their pencil missing, or needed it sharpened when I was in the middle of teaching a small group, and when I placed new pencils in the sharpened bin half the class seemed to all of a sudden have a problem! Well, this year I started a new system based on some ideas I'd read about on Facebook and Pinterest and it is going really well!

Setting Our Students Up For Success

Students arrive in our classrooms with a wide variety of abilities, needs, histories, health issues and attitudes, and sometimes we aren't kept completely in the loop by parents. That's totally okay - families are certainly entitled to their privacy - but it can make our job tougher. That's why the best teachers (I'm talking about YOU!) put certain things in place every day to set ALL of their students up for success.

Enhancing Student Engagement With the Seesaw App

Keeping students engaged during learning activities can be a challenge. In some cases, students have not developed the stamina to stick with a paper-and-pencil activity, and sometimes they simply do not have the skills to complete a task in the same way as their peers. Introducing technology can turn a classroom around - from improving student engagement to making tasks accessible to ALL learners, the benefits are clear.

Keeping Kids Accountable During Centers - Guest Post

This week I am once again blogging at Who's Who and Who's New, this time all about how I keep my students accountable during their hands-on center work.

Winter Fun Blog Hop & Giveaway

I'm thrilled to be joining Stephanie from Mrs. D's Corner and a pile other amazing teacher bloggers for this Winter Fun Blog Hop & Giveaway! We have winter ideas for your classroom, a free eBook full of winter activities for your primary students and... wait for it...

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