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How to Set Up Successful Guided Math Groups

For Guided Math to run smoothly, groups need to be carefully planned. I'm often asked about how I do this, so today I'm sharing my tips for how to set up successful guided math groups.

Setting up small groups in Guided Math can be a challenge. This post contains ideas for how to ensure every student in your classroom is part of the right Guided Math group. Grab a FREE Guided Math Starter Kit while you're there!

4 Ways You Can Simplify Planning In Your Classroom

Staying on top of lesson planning and activity preparation isn't easy unless you have a great system in place. Jumping around from one task to another means tons of time lost. Here are 4 ways you can simplify planning in your classroom.

Struggling with your planning time management? The ideas in this post will help you simplify lesson planning and student activity preparation in your classroom!  Get tips and freebies for prioritizing, batch-processing, and organizing the tasks that need to be done so your classroom runs smoothly!

5 Ways to Get Student Attention in the Classroom

A new school year usually means a new teacher, new expectations, and new routines, so our students sometimes don't respond the way we'd hope when we try to get their attention in the early days and weeks. Here are my 5 favorite ways to get my students' attention in the classroom.

If you're an elementary teacher looking for fun, creative ways to get your students' attention, this post is for you! I'm sharing 5 top attention grabber ideas and signals that are perfect for any elementary classroom. Grab a free set of call and response call backs for your own classroom!

Make Your Classroom Bold and Bright with Creative Teaching Press!

Brighten your classroom with this Bold & Bright Learning Decor Collection from Creative Teaching Press! Take a look at some of the pieces in action in this post!

Brighten your classroom with this Bold & Bright Learning Decor Collection from Creative Teaching Press! Take a look at some of the pieces in action in this post!

Erin Condren Teacher Planner 2017 Walk-Through

Let me start by saying that I'm not great with day plans. I've tried creating my own templates and putting them in a binder. I've tried the online planning tools. But I always stop writing things down at some time during the second half of the school year. #thatcanbeourlittlesecret

Can you relate?

For the last two years, I've been using the Erin Condren Life Planner and I absolutely LOVE it! It is just so bright and colorful that I have no problem using it daily to keep my life organized.

Sooo... I thought if the Life Planner appeals to me enough to stick with it, maybe the 2017-2018 Teacher Planner will do the trick at school!

Get your teaching plans in order with this beautiful Erin Condren Teacher Planner, and get $10 off your first purchase!

What to Do on the First Day of School

I'll never forget my first-ever first day of school as a teacher in my own classroom.

I'd had three great practicum placements as a teacher candidate, worked full-time for 8 months of the following school year (beginning in November), and did a whole lot of substitute work the year after that.

But none of those experiences really prepared me for that first day in front of my own class, and as the day approached, all I could think was "What do I do on the first day of school?".

Planning for the first day of school is a challenge when you are a new teacher. Take a look at how I organize my first day: Teaching classroom routines and expectations, ice breaker getting to know you activities, character education, and grab a FREE editable classroom scavenger hunt!

How to Effectively Track Student Progress in Guided Math

Study after study has proven that Guided Math is a powerful approach with big results in the elementary classroom, but many teachers are hesitant to get started because they lack the necessary background knowledge to pull it off effectively. I get asked all the time about how I track student progress in Guided Math, so I thought I'd share three things that make this tracking process simple!

Thinking about trying Guided Math? Getting organized to track student progress is important for Guided Math success. Learn how to easily and quickly collect data during hands-on student centers and teacher-directed lessons in this final post of a three-part Guided Math series.
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