Believe me. I totally get it...

You're a dedicated teacher, trying to provide engaging experiences to your students.
You're having a tough time balancing the time you spend on work with your family life.
You're tired of spending your evenings and weekends preparing for your classroom.

I've been there, my friend, and I can tell you... you're in the right place! 

I am here to help you reclaim your personal life!

I'm Erin, and it is my passion to help other teachers make the most of their time while rocking it in their classrooms.

In 2012, after nearly 15 years of teaching, I started connecting with other teachers here at Mrs. Beattie's Classroom. When I began to see how many people were struggling with the same problems I was, I decided to share the resources I was creating here on the website, and on Teachers Pay Teachers, to help other teachers:

differentiate with ease

get organized

create engaging classrooms without sacrificing your personal life

Here on my blog, I offer:

Helpful blog posts packed with tips and tricks you can use in your classroom tomorrow.

Free resources that require little preparation and will engage your students.

Informative email series with exclusive members-only resources.

In my Teachers Pay Teachers store, you can find:

High-quality, engaging, hands-on resources that students love.

Differentiated resources to help you meet the needs of all your students.

Resources based on current educational research and best practices.
Resources that will keep you rocking it in your classroom without spending your weekends on preparation!

If you are ready to reclaim your personal life, click here to get started:

Get to know me a little bit better!

★ I graduated from Brock University in Ontario, Canada, in 1997 and 1998 with my Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education degrees.
★ I have Mathematics Specialist qualifications in the Primary and Junior grades (grades 1-6).
★ I've taught grades 2-6 in the same rural school since 2000.
★ My husband and I LOVE to travel and have visited many countries in Europe, Scandinavia, and the Caribbean.
★ When I'm not teaching or connecting with other educators, you'll probably find me with a book in one hand and a cup of tea (or glass of wine 😉) in the other.

Connect with me by email at questions@mrsbeattiesclassroom.com, here on my blog, or at my TpT Store.

A Few More Details About Me

I have partnered with GoNoodle, Erin Condren, and Epic! Books for several years now and am happy to answer any questions you have about these products and services!


  1. Hi there! I love the template that you're using for this blog! Did you create it yourself or find it online? Thanks! :)

    1. Hi Aimee! Thanks for stopping by! I created my blog 100% myself, and proud of it (with just a little help from Google!)


  2. Hi! So glad to find you, thanks for stopping by my blog. We actually don't live that far from each other. Your blog is great, I had read it before just didn't know you were Canadian. We should totally stay in touch.

    1. Thanks, Leslie! Yes, I agree! I love how this blog has brought me together with so many new people! We were just in Montreal the past two weekends - we flew to Antigua through the Dorval airport!


  3. Hello! I have a quick question. How were you able to order the Clip Chart. I have been trying, and now I see that they are not able to to ship orders outside of the U.S.
    Thanks for your help!

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