How To Print In Color On A Budget

Have you ever found the perfect resource for your classroom but spent a small fortune printing it all out? I've got the solution for how to print in color ON A BUDGET!

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I LOVE creating fun new resources for my students and while using colored paper is great, there's nothing quite like full-color images.

How To Print In Color On A Budget

I find that my students usually take more pride in the resources I create in full-color and are more likely to treat them with care, so they last longer.

But we've all been in the situation where we get halfway through a print job only to find that one (or more!) of our color printer cartridges is empty.

Not. Ever. Again.

Say it with me! You're done with running to the office supply store to grab new cartridges at ridiculous prices!

Introducing... HP Instant Ink!

When you own an eligible HP printer, you can enroll in the Instant Ink program for a small monthly fee.

How It Works

The printer, which is connected to your wifi, constantly monitors your ink levels and, get this, sends you replacement cartridges BEFORE you need them!

Included in the package is a postage-paid return envelope so you can send the empty cartridges back for proper recycling.

What It Costs

This fee is determined by the number of pages in the plan you choose, and there are some really flexible options.

Here in Canada in 2021, the plans available (in CAN $) are:

How To Print In Color On A Budget

And in the US, the plans available (in US $) include:

How To Print In Color On A Budget

Get Started Free!

Want to get started and earn yourself a free month of printing right away? When you use my referral link or code (grLVJ), you will get a free month, and HP will give me one as well. :) That's a win-win for both of us!

Update: Judy E., one of my blog readers, wrote in to share that an HP representative was able to pause her Instant Ink program on her classroom printer for the summer months so she wasn't paying for the time she wasn't using it! She simply restarted it when she went back to school in August. Thanks, Judy!! Great tip. :)

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Find tons of high-quality printable teaching resources on this Pinterest board or by heading directly to TpT! If you are new to Teachers Pay Teachers (my all-time favorite site for teaching resources!), you can set up a free account here!

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