Easy (FREE!) Low-Prep Easter Craft for Classrooms

I have an adorable Easter craft that I pull out every year to share with you! This is easy, low-prep and perfect for elementary classrooms!

Image with colorful Easter eggs that says Easy and Free Easter Craft for Primary Classrooms. Psst... you don't need eggs!

All you need to complete this craft is access to a printer or photocopier, the free template you can grab in my Freebie Library, heavy paper or card stock, 2 fasteners/brads per student, and whatever coloring materials you'd like students to use.

Easter Bunny Egg Craft

Provide students with copies of both pages of the template. On the one that is completely blank, they need to draw a bunny face. I like to pull up some images on the SMART Board so that they can use these as inspiration.

Easter Bunny Egg Craft

On the template page that has the dotted line, students create an Easter egg. I encourage lots of color and pattern on these.

Easter Bunny Egg Craft

When all the decorating is finished, have the students cut out the two shapes along the outer edge of the black line and cut along the dotted center line of the egg - these two pieces become the bunny ears.

Easter Bunny Egg Craft

Fasten the ears at the top of the bunny face using the fasteners. I usually help my students with this because the heavy paper can be difficult to pierce.

These are so cute to display on a bulletin board in the hall.

Easter Bunny Egg Craft

Grab your free template right here:
Happy Easter!!

Easter: the only time of the year when it is perfectly safe to put all your eggs in one basket!

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Image with colorful Easter eggs that says Easy and Free Easter Craft for Primary Classrooms. Psst... you don't need eggs!


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