My 5 Favorite Ways to Use GoNoodle in My Classroom

It is no secret that GoNoodle is one of my favorite classroom discoveries of all time. Seriously... in my nearly 18 years of teaching I have never come across a resource as useful and versatile as this one. Every day I hear that some teachers are just now discovering this gem, so I am popping in today to share my 5 favorite ways to use GoNoodle in my classroom.

We all know that kids today need frequent brain breaks to be ready for their best learning. This is probably the purpose that GoNoodle is best known for. The choices are incredible - from the antics of the guys from Koo Koo Kangaroo to Moose Tube's fun chants to my students' favorite Zumba channel. The great thing about the Zumba dances is that they are directed, so even your more reluctant students will feel comfortable participating since they don't have to choose HOW to move their bodies!

Sometimes students have enough energy to go around WITHOUT any external help! On days like this, GoNoodle's calming activities are just what you need. Think About It is a series of quick, inspirational messages, Airtime and Airtime Space are incredible breathing activities, and my own personal favorite is hands-down the charismatic Maximo who leads us through fun yoga movements.

The majority of GoNoodle's activities are completely free for teachers and parents, but there IS an option to purchase a yearly membership that teachers everywhere should know about. The fantastic activities in the GoNoodle Plus library include awesome learning activities like Mega Math Marathon, where students actually run an entire marathon (in many visits, of course) while answering math questions on a topic you choose, Field Trip, where students run and avoid obstacles while heading toward a mystery field trip destination, and Bodyspell, a kinesthetic spelling activity. The most awesome thing about several of the GoNoodle Plus activities is that you can CUSTOMIZE them with your own questions - perfect for reviewing your curriculum!

GoNoodle also has amazing activities to get students focused - PERFECT for testing season or mindset work! Flow is absolutely awesome. These are mindfulness activities are a little longer than the Think About It messages and are the perfect way to prepare for a test, focus after a recess break or settle a child in turmoil. I have even used this in my class privately with a single child who just needed the opportunity to redirect her thoughts to something more positive and get focused to move on with the day. So powerful!

Finally... the really good stuff! Face it - there are times when you have an extra five or ten minutes at the end of the day and the kids are too tired to listen to a story, or you're too tired to try to settle them for one, OR it has been raining for three days and the students can't go outside and you're pulling your hair out for a break. Let me tell you that GoNoodle has got you COVERED!! Probably the most incredible feature (I know... I've said that already haven't I?!) is the Indoor Recess Mega Mixes!! These are playlists full of all sorts of GoNoodle activities in a range of lengths and designed for a range of classroom spaces. They have thought of everything!! These are a gift to teachers everywhere!

Are you still here?? What are you waiting for? You students are going to love it. YOU are going to love it! Click on any of the images above to get started today!

Psst... you can also grab this FREE GoNoodle SMART Board attendance with 3 different screens to choose from!

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