Have Fun With Gingerbread In The Classroom

The holiday season is the perfect time to bring thematic activities into your classroom and what better topic than the fun of gingerbread?! Check out these gingerbread activities for the classroom!

Photo of gingerbread people cookies with text, "Gingerbread Activities for The Classroom

I love using special mini-units to get my students excited and energized about learning and this is a personal favorite! There are SO many options for fun activities and, unlike Christmas celebrations, there are no religious issues to worry about.

Gingerbread Books
All children love to listen to stories, and gingerbread stories are some of the best around at this time of the year! There are dozens of possibilities, from traditional Gingerbread Boy stories to "fractured" twists on these stories and completely unique versions. Here are some of my personal favorites:

Cover image of The Gingerbread Man book.

Cover image of The Gingerbread Man Loose In The School

Cover Image of The Gingerbread Girl Book

Cover image of Gingerbread Baby book.

Cover image of Gingerbread Friends book.

Baking and Decorating
If you're adventurous, baking your own gingerbread is an exciting experience for students. Since the dough needs to be chilled for several hours before cutting and baking you will need to either prepare your goodies over several class periods or simply pre-mix and chill the dough and have students just help with the rolling, cutting and baking.

Photo of gingerbread cookies with text, "Click here for an easy gingerbread recipe."

Of course, you can also purchase a ready-to-go gingerbread kit and get right to the fun part - DECORATING!! There are SO many to choose from!!

Writing and Art Idea
I love to give my students the opportunity to put themselves in the Gingerbread Man's shoes (so to speak) in my "You'll Never Catch Me" Persuasive Writing and Art package.

After reading some of the gingerbread boy stories I've already shared with you, we spend some time on story comparison and pre-writing activities before beginning a writing project that puts the students in the role of Gingerbread Boy or Girl. They absolutely love creating outrageous letters to their would-be captors and also have the opportunity to decorate a character of their own.

Take a peek at some of our final products:

Photo of gingerbread art and writing activity.

Photo of gingerbread art and writing activity.

Photo of gingerbread art and writing activity.

To grab this resource or get more information about it, you can click the image below. It will take you to my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Image of Gingerbread Persuasive Writing resource pages.

If you use gingerbread with your students leave me a comment below or drop me an email to let me know what your favorite activities are! I'd love to add them to my post!

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Photo of gingerbread cookies with text, "Have Fun With Gingerbread in the Classroom."

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