How to Promote Halloween Safety With Your Students

Keeping kids safe on Halloween is of huge importance. The excitement and energy of the night can easily take over and leave children in risky situations. Here are some of my favorite Halloween safety tips, tricks, and resources!

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Even though our school doesn't go all out for Halloween - we celebrate Black & Orange day instead - I always spend time on Halloween safety with my students. I want to ensure that all of them are back in the classroom the next day!

I cover these main points with my students: visibility, street safety, stranger danger, candy awareness and the importance of staying with a group. All of these safety tips are covered in the resources below:

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Kids love stories. They love being read to. There are some great books available to review Halloween safety tips. Here are just a few I've found:

Cover of book "Scaredy Squirrel Prepares for Halloween"

Cover of book "The Night Before Halloween"

Cover of book "Don't Go Bump in the Night!"

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There are several videos on YouTube that are fun to use if you have a SMART Board or projector in your classroom! (I am not responsible for these links should they become broken!)

Halloween Safety Tips from Joy Berry's "Taking the Scary Out of Halloween":

Halloween Safety Tips:

And our favorite... Scaredy Squirrel's Halloween Safety Tips (the perfect companion to the book!):

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One of the things we always do on the last school day before Halloween is a hands-on matching activity with some of the Halloween dangers vs safe choices. This activity ALWAYS lends itself to a fabulous discussion as there are several tips in it that the kids have never really thought of.

Photo of Halloween Safety sorting activity.

You can grab a copy of this FREE in my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

You might also be interested in this safety booklet to read and color with your students:

Photo of Halloween Safety Books

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If these resources don't do the trick, you can find a ton more on Pinterest and I have just the board to get you started!

Wishing you and yours a Happy Halloween!

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