iDoceo Tips and Tricks - Setting Your Day Cycle and Planning

I'll be honest - this is the part that I find most frustrating. Don't run... it is TOTALLY worth setting this up. iDoceo is a fantastic planner with lots of great features. Just take a little piece of advice: Take. Your. Time. Don't try to do this in the five minutes you have to spare at the end of your lunch break. If you don't have the time to set it up now, scroll to the bottom of the post and PIN the image for later!

You can find Part One: Setting Up Classes HERE, Part Two: Entering Students HERE, Part Three: Setting Up Your Schedule HERE and Part Four: Setting Up The Calendar HERE.

Begin by tapping your first day of school on the calendar. Select "Edit" from the center of the page (just below the calendars), then tap "Period 1". Tap to select the class and times then touch "Save".

Continue this process for the rest of the subjects in the first day of your cycle.

**When I set up my classes I always add "Planning" as a class and "Notes and Reminders" as a class (times set before the school day begins) that I place in Period One every day. This gives me a place to document in my day book any special things I need to keep in mind for the day.**

When you have entered all the classes into Day One, tap the next day on the calendar and do the same thing for Day 2. I make sure to change the day color so I can distinguish between my days on the calendar at a glance.

When you have completed each of the days in your cycle the "Schedule" tab will reflect the periods in your day:

Now to copy your cycle to the upcoming days in your calendar. I rotate between teaching my Science and Social Studies rather than trying to teach both subjects at the same time, so I don't want to copy my day cycle for the entire year. I choose to do a "Manual Copy" which gives me the flexibility of changing my subjects around a few weeks down the road.

I select "Cycle" for the copy mode, since I'm working with a 5-day cycle. I then tap each of the five days I have already set up, and tap "Begin Copy" at the bottom of the screen.

You will be prompted to tap at this point. Touch the next school day on your calendar and the entire cycle will appear.

Tap as far ahead as you wish, then select "End Copy" at the bottom of the screen. You'll notice that the calendar automatically skipped the PA Day we have scheduled on September 25th!

Now... this is the awesome part... When you click on your "Planner" tab or "Day" tab you will see all the fields ready for you to enter your plans!

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  1. THANK YOU!!! This was so helpful! I had no idea you could plan your sessions with iDoceo, and it was the only thing I didn't like about the app. Now I know this and have set my planner (thanks to you), iDoceo will never leave my side. I hope you have a great year

    1. So glad this was helpful, Cristina! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you also have a great year! :)



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