iDoceo Tips and Tricks - Setting Up The Calendar

You can find Part One: Setting Up Classes HERE, Part Two: Entering Students HERE and Part Three: Setting Up Your Schedule HERE.

In this post, I'll help you set up your school year calendar so that you can easily set up your planner. In my school board, we run on a DAY cycle, meaning that on a Monday I don't necessarily teach the same things every week. We rotate through Day 1 to 5 instead. It is set up this way so that we don't always miss the same subjects (and planning times!) on a Monday or Friday holiday or PA Day.

Begin by finding the "Calendar" under the main menu.

You will need to set the start and end dates for your school year. Since I've used this app in the past, my setup will look a little different from yours:

Once you have these dates saved, you will need to "Add holidays" and professional activity days (no-student days) that occur during the year. This will allow the app to skip these days on your schedule to keep your cycle on track!

If you add a day by accident, simply swipe it to the left to delete.

Once you have all your special days entered, you're ready to set up your day cycle, coming up next in this series! Look for the Bloglovin button or email subscription under the "Stay In Touch" header near the top of my page to follow my blog and be sure to receive the next posts in this series!

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