iDoceo Tips and Tricks - Setting Up Your Schedule

You can find Part One: Setting Up Classes HERE and Part Two: Entering Students HERE.

Now that you have your classes and students entered you need to begin setting up the planner. The best way to proceed is to enter the time lines of your school day. Click on the "Schedule" tab and select "Time lines" to do this.

This menu will allow you to add the start times for your various subjects. I don't necessarily adhere to the formal times that denote our period changes, but rather the start and end times of the subjects I'll be teaching. The only time slots that I've chosen colors for are our recess breaks. The rest I didn't bother with as I don't use this particular schedule view too often.

Now you're ready to set up your calendar, coming up next in this series of blog posts! Look for the Bloglovin button or email subscription under the "Stay In Touch" header near the top of my page to follow my blog and be sure to receive the next posts in this series!

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