Five For Friday!

I'm joining Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching for my first Five for Friday in AGES!!

This was my first week back to school. Enough said.

I teach in an area where historically the same students were in classes together from Kindergarten through Grade 8. We didn't typically have too much movement into or out of the area, but things are changing and this year I have three students from other schools joining me. Because of this, we've spent a good chunk of time doing "Getting to Know You" games and activities throughout the week. I loved watching the kiddos pair up for my "Getting to Know You SCOOT" game!

Thank goodness for GoNoodle!! None of my little people were completely prepared to be back in the classroom all day (face it, neither was I!!) and so frequent brain breaks and dance parties were certainly in order. I honestly don't know what I would ever do if GoNoodle ceased to exist. It is DEFINITELY one of my best management strategies!!

We started growing our new Heart Garden this week. The bare tree looks so sad and barren, but as the hearts begin to fill the branches it is like springtime! I loved watching my new students working on some brainstorming heart-growing and heart-wilting behaviors and words. They were so into it! :)

Finally, I thought I'd share some of the work we completed in these first four days of our year!

From Amy Lemons' Beginning of the Year math activities found HERE.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!!

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  1. #1 was definitely me this week! I love Go Noodle but there's no projector in my classroom this year (I'm at a new school). I'm kind of in shock!

    Years That Ask Questions

  2. I love your anchor charts! Great idea to use printed clip art/letters!
    Reading in Room 11

  3. I just signed up for GoNoodle! Very excited! Thanks for sharing, I love these kinds of activities.

  4. I used GoNoodle a bunch this week, too. We had the kids rotating through the school in multi-aged groups until yesterday because our student numbers hadn't been finalized. By the time we finally got our classes the little ones were SO tired! Good for you for getting some actual WORK done first week back!
    Always Primary


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