Classroom Reveal 2015

classroom reveal

It is FINALLY done! I begin teaching on Tuesday and my room is ship shape for my little people so I wanted to share with you!

Where to start...? Why not in the place I'll spend the least amount of time this year, and which will be difficult to spot in a matter of weeks... my desk!

Classroom Reveal

If I'm honest, my desk usually gets pretty cluttered by mid-year (organized chaos I like to call it!) but I'm hoping my new purple Poppin desk accessories will help keep that from happening!

I've had this same desk for the past 15 years and pulled an old poster off the front of it at the end of the last school year. It left a whole pile of unsightly tape marks that I couldn't remove, so I thought I'd cover them up! I LOVE the result!

Classroom Reveal - Desk Decoration

Aren't they so fun?! Behind my desk I have ceiling-high bulletin boards above my counter. This is where I display my Daily 5 I-charts and brag tags. This year I also grabbed The Blessed Teacher's fabulous Growth Mindset display.

Classroom Reveal - Daily 5 Board

Classroom Reveal - Mindset Bulletin Board

Classroom Reveal - Brag Tag Display

I won't hang the Brag Tags until after I present them to my kiddos on Tuesday. I love the surprise in their faces when they see them for the first time! :)

Continuing around toward the classroom door, you'll find my Dismissal Procedures. I focus on routine and predictability for my students and it totally pays of year after year. Behavior issues are few and far between when students know what you are expecting them to do. The end of the day can be one of the most hectic times in the classroom, but I'm simplifying it!

Dismissal Procedures Routines Display

These are right beside the door and we will refer to it daily as students prepare to leave for home. You can grab an editable version of this in my TpT store!

On this wall of the classroom I have storage space for my student mailboxes (they aren't ready - we're still out of laminating film!) and my math manipulatives, plus this is where our Heart Garden grows!

Math Manipulative Tools Storage

Character Education

You can grab the editable math tub labels HERE and the Heart Garden HERE. Learn more about this character education program by reading THESE posts. This will be my second year growing a Heart Garden and I can hardly wait to get it started!!

The next part of my classroom holds my library (which I'm planning on overhauling again this year!) and my writing and word work centers. All of this is pretty basic at this point because I'm a huge believer in having the students contribute to the "decor". Quite simply, we build our posters and anchor charts together!

Classroom Reveal

Finally, we end where we began. The hub of activity in my classroom - the carpet and SMART Board area which also is the location of my CAFE board! I love this space. So much great learning happens here!

Classroom Reveal - CAFE Board

Classroom Reveal

Before I let you go, I wanted to share one final new thing in my classroom this year. I'm going to be trying a new pencil management system out. I KNOW you can relate when I say I have pencil frustrations... don't we all??

This year, I purchased a pencil case for each of my students. I have labeled them and placed 7 pencils and one eraser inside. That gives each of my students one sharp pencil per day and two extras in case of a broken tip.

Classroom Pencil Management

Classroom Pencil Management

On Friday, I'll be collecting the pencil cases, sharpening the pencils (or having my lunch helpers do it!) and returning the cases to the students with a little surprise inside if all 7 pencils are still accounted for. I'll switch it up weekly I think - stickers, a small candy, a dollar store toy. I'm hoping that this reduces the number of lost and broken pencils I'm dealing with each day!!

Thanks so much for sticking with me through to the end! I hope you've enjoyed the tour! Have a fantastic Labor Day and a wonderful new school year! :)


  1. Your class looks really nice Erin. I love how organized and tidy everything is. The pencil cases are a great idea. I am so envious of your beautifully painted heaters, I still haven't done mine, but they are on my to do list. Have a great first day back tomorrow.

  2. I have been looking for some math manipulative containers like the ones you have. Where did you get them or can you get me a link to them? I love your classroom and the colors are beautiful!
    Deb at Fabulously First

    1. Hi Deb!

      Thanks for stopping by! The containers are actually plastic shoe boxes that I purchased at our Home Depot. They are 98 cents here in Canada, including the lids. The labels are available in my TpT store!



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