iDoceo 4 Tips and Tricks - Entering Students

If you missed Part One: Setting Up Classes, you can find it HERE.

Once your classes are set up, entering students is an easy task! Click on the first subject in your list and the app will take you directly to the Gradebook tab for that subject.

When you click the + to begin entering your students, you'll see a dialogue box like this one:

Here, you can enter as much or as little information as you wish on each of your students. I begin by entering each child's first and last name, and place their grade in the "Group" field since I teach a split class.

Once all of your students are entered, click the wrench symbol in the top left corner, then select "Students". You may choose to sort your students by last name or first name, and if you teach a split class like I do you can choose to have the students grouped by grade THEN sorted alphabetically. Play around with this. (Student names have been blurred out to protect privacy!)

Now, here's the best part. Once you have the student data configured for your first class, you can simply copy this group of students to all the other subjects (classes) you teach with these same kids!

Still under the "Students" menu found by clicking the wrench icon, select "All" in the bottom right corner of the dialogue box, then tap "Copy".

You will be prompted to select which of your classes you'd like to copy this group of students to:

You will have to do this for each class/subject you would like this group of students in, but it is MUCH simpler than entering each student individually!

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  1. This is a great blog that I am finding helpful in introducing me to this app that I intend to use next year. Thank you!

    Just one thing to point out though... There is an option to import class lists from excel or similar by doing it in a spreadsheet and then exporting that to a xls or csv file, and then importing that right into iDoceo.

    1. Yes, you're right, Chris. I just see that as an extra step when I'm working from a paper list. :)

      Thanks for stopping by!



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