A Year of Awesome - Week 39

R is for Reflection Day. Today is the day we are working on our school year memory books. This year I decided to use some of the pages from my School Year Time Capsule package rather than my memory book set. I didn't do the whole time capsule this year because with a split class I have some of the same students. They're having a ball with these! (US spelling is included!)

Today we had some surprise visitors outside of our classroom! A goose and gosling had wandered up into the alcove at the front of the school and were wandering around outside of the windows. We took an impromptu field trip to head out and watch them. The kids were so excited to watch them and even got a couple of feathers they left behind!
Today was Twin Day. Unfortunately I missed it due to an appointment, but I hear the resemblances were uncanny!
Under the Desk Day was a huge hit. Not really sure why. The kids looked uncomfortable, and there were a few banged heads, but they loved every second of working underneath the desks!
Our Visual Arts Day included a trip to our local 4Cats Art Studio and it was really AWESOME!! We learned all about Jackson Pollack and did our very own splatter painting - individual pieces as well as a collaborative class canvas that we'll get to keep in the classroom!
It doesn't get more awesome than this! :) Have a great weekend everyone! Only ONE final week in my Year of Awesome left to go!


  1. Looks like your students had a blast at 4Cats Studio! We love 4Cats, too! They really know how to make a child (or adult) feel like a true artist!


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