A Year of Awesome - Week 38

Math Day today!! We had an absolutely AWESOME time traveling through our Math Day sites. So awesome, in fact, that many of the kids were disappointed that we had to stop the rotations to go to gym!

I separated the classroom into four "places"... Fraction Falls, Bingo Bay, Multiplication Mountain and Device Dunes and the students rotated through them. I used a variety of activities from my Guided Math resources and the students were completely engaged and having fun the entire time we were working on this! :)

Today's Name Day was a HUGE hit with my students! I told them that they'd be able to choose a new name for themselves, I made and distributed name tags (can you believe I couldn't find these in ANY store?!) and I called on them by their new name all day long. We had a Rapunzel, George Washington (we're Canadian?!), Don Cherry (that's more like it!), Scaredy Squirrel, and of course an Elsa! They giggled every time I used one of their names. How fun. Of course, they wouldn't let me get away without using a special name, so I adopted Ms. Frizzle for the day!
Outside Day was a near washout with all the rain we've been having, but we were able to spend our entire literacy block outside today! The students worked on a writing task and some independent reading while I wrapped up my final reading assessments! Win!!

We've also continued our fractions activity today with another hands-on activity straight out of my Guided Math Fractions package!
Picnic Day will be a hard one to beat! After swapping out a lunch duty in another classroom, I walked the kiddos down the road to a lovely park next to a creek in our town. They brought towels to sit on and I supplied some little bags of chips to make it extra-fun! After eating, the kids played a huge game of Hide-And-Seek.
Today was Quilt Day, and the inspiration for my newest TpT product!! I wanted to create a collaborative project that contained individual student memories but also became something beautiful when put together. I made the quilt pattern myself, and used it to create a glyph for students to follow so that their project was directed and meaningful. Take a look at a segment of what we created:
The photo doesn't do it justice, the details are hard to see, and without the glyph you won't know the meaning behind them, but this is a keeper in my opinion. Maybe I'll tuck it away until they graduate...!

I've just finished posting this to my TpT store and it is on sale for a limited time! Click to grab it! :)

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