A Year of Awesome - Week 37

Our end-of-year ABC Countdown has been a huge hit. This is my first year doing this, and it certainly won't be the last! So far we've celebrated Animal Day, Beach Day, Crazy Hair Day, Dance Party Day, Energy Day, Favorite Things Day and Gum Day.

Today was Hat Day! We had everything from a fedora to a sunhat to a cowboy hat to a construction hardhat!
There was lots of excitement for Inside-Out Day today!  Party pooper that I am, I did NOT go to school with my clothes on inside out. That would have turned out to be the day that I'm pulled over or in some sort of freak accident, right?! The only rule I had was that undergarments still needed to be under their clothes! ;)

Joke day was a huge hit with my kids. I have some real jokesters and they LOVED being able to tell sillies throughout the day. Of course I "spun the fun" a bit by saying that I'd be choosing the hardest workers to share their jokes. ;)

Kindness Day was today. This may be my favorite one so far. The kids drew names of someone in the class to do something kind for at some point throughout the day. It was basically a Heart Garden party all day long! Our Heart Garden has grown so much this year that I need to track down the large school ladder to attach a pile of notes that are accumulating on my desk!

Today was Lollipop Day! You might think that I'm a wee bit nuts to feed kids sugar all day on a Friday, but this was actually quite brilliant! I dangled them in front of my kids all day long placed them in a visible spot in the classroom, and let the students know that they had to be working really hard to earn one! (Actually, we did have some leftovers... they'll be great some time in the coming 14 days!)
Easily the best part of my day was when a co-worker stopped me first thing in the morning to show me photos of her son's college graduation and thank me for all I'd done for him when he was in my fifth grade class. She was so emotional that she totally made ME cry. Moments like this one are exactly why I became a teacher. Awesome!!

Since so many of you are finished teaching already, I'm not going to bother posting the linky for these final weeks, but I WOULD love for you to leave me a message below! 

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  1. To see a student's college graduation picture and to have a parent commend you on all of your hard work, is truly the most amazing feeling. You definitely are an amazing teacher! Now, that's just pure awesomeness!


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