A Year of Awesome - Week 34

After a few tough Mondays in the past months today was a very refreshing change. It was a really fantastic day! My students were engaged, polite, respectful and ready to learn! It is what is expected of them, I know, but lately it has been rare that every one of them was set to go! I even got to recognize one of my boys with a Heart Garden Brag Tag for being especially helpful and participating so consistently. I LOVE days like this!!
Wind and children DO. NOT. MIX. Any classroom teacher can tell you that. Today, I am once again celebrating GoNoodle. Without Flow I may have lost my sanity today!! When my students returned from lunch recess the lights were out and that lovely, calm music was playing quietly in the background. I launched them into a couple of Flow sessions before tackling any of our afternoon learning. By the time we were finished they were settled and ready to go! Awesome!!

If you're a parent you MUST check out the newly-announced Camp GoNoodle for this summer!! It sounds amazing! Click the image to get your FREE parent account set up today!

Today was Track & Field day for my Grade 3s, so the 2s and I got to hang out together for the day. It the perfect opportunity to focus our attention on wrapping up our science unit on Growth and Changes in Animals. We'd finished our research projects, but I wanted to do some art to go with it and was at a loss for how to integrate the Grade 3's plant unit into an art activity.

First, the students drew the animal they had studied using the technique we tried out back in the winter with our polar bears. The idea was from this great post at Whimsy Workshop Teaching's Blog.
Next, the students painted the background. They were required to show the animal's habitat.
In the afternoon when the paintings had dried completely, we cut out the animals and glued them onto the backgrounds. They turned out SO cute!!

My animal flip book is now available in FOUR different versions: part of the full Growth and Changes in Animals unit, and as a stand-alone flip book project in printable, French and Google Classrooms formats!

I introduced multiplication to the kids this week. They always love this unit because it makes them feel like "Big Kids". Today we I taught them a game from Marilyn Burns' Lessons for Introducing Multiplication.
This one is called Circles & Stars. The focus and competition was awesome! :)
Also new this week was our Fairy Tales unit. We've spent the week talking about the characteristics of fairy tales using my "Good Readers" Genre Mini Books.
We've been reading a variety of fairy tales and identifying the examples of the typical characteristics using this chart:
It isn't pretty, but it is huge and kid-driven - the best kind as far as I'm concerned. My students sit with their clip boards and a pencil while I'm reading, and they jot down the evidence. (Give a kid a clip board and some sticky notes any day and watch the magic!!) I can't wait until next week when I break out the fractured fairy tales! Awesome!

I hope you'll also pop back over to Who's Who and Who's New to check out my recent post about using technology to engage your students!

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