A Year of Awesome - Week 33

Today, a new student joined my class. This may not be awesome in itself, particularly at this time of the year, but the neat thing is that this little person is coming to us direct from the Philippines! Would you believe that in my 17 years of teaching, this is my FIRST international student aside from temporary exchange students! She is very sweet, and I'm looking forward to learning lots from her about life in her part of the world!
BINGO!! Today's math block was awesome!
We prepped and played several rounds of my Time BINGO today. When a student called "BINGO", I had them choose a checking buddy. That person was just an observer as the potential winner repeated to me the clock times they had in their winning row. The checking buddy confirmed whether or not that was the time on the clock, and BOTH friends got to choose a gummy from my little treat stash! Such a fun way to practice a skill!
We started prepping our Mother's Day cards today! Aren't they pretty?!
 I absolutely LOVE reading the things that the kids write about their moms.
Today I tried the Plickers app for the first time! What a very cool resource for the classroom! My kids were totally loving it, and how amazing to get real-time formative assessment data from my kids with no marking required!! LOVE!
You can read more about this in my guest post over at Who's Who and Who's New Blog beginning tomorrow! Click the image to head directly there!

Awesome as that was to try out, the BEST part of my day was this little note that I found on my desk after the kids had gone home at the end of the day:
THIS is why I teach! Thank YOU, Joe! :)

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  1. Have loved reading your year of awesome blogs! Very inspiring - thank you.
    My students have not been exposed to telling time very much so I would probably wish for the telling time to the 15.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Kelly! Check your email! :)



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