A Year of Awesome - Week 32

I can hardly believe that I've blogged about every school day for 32 weeks!! Awesome!
Today we finished putting the finishing touches on our World Creativity and Innovation Week projects. We finished final drafts of our explanations, and got our display finished.
We've been working hard in our unit on non-fiction text features! Today was all about headings. I gave the kids my Headings Mini-Book and set them to work in partners using the National Geographic readers that they're so hooked on. We were on task most of the time! ;)
We're celebrating Earth Week this week (since World Creativity and Innovation Week was last week), and today our entire school participated in the local Pitch-In community clean-up! Awesome!
Spring has FINALLY sprung!! Today was the first day that I was able to take the kids outside during our phys. ed. block. Rather than structure a game, I thought I'd give the kids the opportunity to play on one of the "big kid yards". This is always a hit with my 2/3 students!
Today I spent some time with a pair of students and Whimsy Workshop Teaching's new phonics game board product. I LOVE seeing kids get excited about learning and practicing the skills they struggle with. These two little ones were having a ball, and were very excited to know that they'd get to take a copy of this game home with them! "I'd like a copy of ALL of them!" says one student. Little does he know, that's exactly my plan! ;)

Do you have an AWESOME story from your week in the classroom, or an AWESOME resource you use with struggling students that you'd like to share? Leave a comment below! 

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  1. Thanks for the link up. I am so happy that we can finally get the kids outside to enjoy the fresh air. I think Spring might really be here!

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