A Year of Awesome - Week 30

Where did the weekend go?? Today during our art class I thought I'd try out one of Jenny K.'s collaborative murals. We are creating a display for Earth Day! We've done something similar, but I like how this one is a little more directed than the others. The kids were loving them, and they'll be excited to see the pieces put together!
At the beginning of today's Language block, one of my students pointed out something he thought was "really cool" about our new Science books: "Look, Mrs. Beattie! The letters are all the same!"
Loving a "teachable moment" I launched into a lesson about alliteration! Using their first names, I created silly alliterative sentences. Well, if that didn't inspire an AWESOME block of writing... The sentences flowed quickly,
and soon filled entire pages!
There were some great ones! "Maddy makes marble muffins on Mondays." "Brad breaks bowling balls." and "Jack juggles jam jars."

As eager as they were to write, the students were at least as eager to share! I would imagine we'll have several Friday Journal entries about alliteration this week!

We are finally measuring with standard units so today I broke out one of the activities from my Guided Math: Linear Measurement centers - Measure Me! I paired my kiddos up, gave them a measuring tape and recording sheet, and away they went! I did lots of observing to monitor how they're using the measuring devices and recording their answers. Awe. Some!
Let the measuring fun continue!! Today I wanted to have the opportunity to truly observe each and every student in action as they did some measuring, so I pulled out one of my favorite products... my Metric Measurement Scoot Game! The kids always LOVE this Scoot game! I'm sure it is because of the fun pictures on each of the cards!

I'm home sick today, but this graphic isn't entirely true this time... planning is a huge job, but it WAS made a little easier with the 2nd Edition of my Metric Measurement Scoot Game!!
I LOVE knowing that my kiddos were engaged in something authentic that we'd been working on already, and it was really no-prep for me when I'm not feeling well!

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  1. I loving using SCOOT or Read the Room activities with my First Graders. They just want to move, so when I can combine it with learning then EVERYONE is happy. Thanks for the opportunity to link up.

    Hanging Around In Primary

    1. It is awesome when you can keep kids on task by getting them moving! Thanks for joining me! :)


  2. There are so many great ideas here! SCOOT games are fun with all grade levels. Thanks for the link up!

    1. They ARE fun, aren't they?! Thanks for stopping by! :)



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