A Year of Awesome - Week 29

I LOVE a long weekend, especially when it is FOUR days, but man... short weeks are always the longest...
Today I'm basking in the excitement of a pair of little people who are so eager to work together with me on their literacy skills that they don't even want to do their Daily 5 choices. The thing is, they are still working on early reading skills so we have been doing some pretty intense practicing. I've got tons of fun literacy activities from places like Whimsy Workshop Teaching and the FCRR website, so my kiddos are engaged, having fun and achieving results. They're feeling pride in what is happening during that time, so they are incredibly eager to work with me. I love it. That's what teaching is about. That's awesome!
Today my second graders were working on some new pages from my Science unit on the Growth and Changes in Animals and the activity became a bit of a contest. It was quite fun to watch. Each student was given a page like the following, from one of the six animal groups:
They were challenged to come up with a detail for each of the lines on the page using the accompanying posters from the unit and our animal resources. I had fun watching how the students paired up with others having the same animal group and engaged in some friendly competition. 

If you are new to Teachers Pay Teachers (my all-time favorite site for teaching resources!), you can set up a free account here!
I received a new set of resources for my Phys. Ed. program this week! The set of six books come from CIRA Ontario and are excellent! Knowing my kids like I do, I decided to begin with the Invasion and Territory Games.
The kids were having so much fun playing, and I was having so much fun watching them, that we were five minutes late to French class! Now that is awesome!
During Science today I got the Grade 2s busy on some animal life cycles so that I could explore seeds with my Grade 3s. With only three boys and one girl in this grade we set ourselves up at the guided reading table. We looked at some dried beans (that I've been using as counters for YEARS!) and some dried peas and then we compared them to some that had been soaking since yesterday afternoon. The kids made some predictions about what the seeds would be like inside, then we cut them open!
After inspecting the inside and documenting the findings, we prepared a jar for a little bean-growing experiment!
Eagerness is infectious. So is curiosity in learning new things. Every single one of the Grade 3s asked if they could have some of the dry beans and peas to take home to do the same thing! Of course I wouldn't say no to that!!

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