A Year of Awesome - Week 27

I'm all rested up and ready to take on the final three months! A week in Jamaica was JUST what I needed!

Today we began several new units across the curriculum. In Science we are studying growth and changes in animals in Grade 2 and in plants in Grade 3. We began by thinking about all the ways that plants and animals are alike and different. The kids LOVE making Venn diagrams, and when you combine that with using sticky notes the ideas and engagement are Awesome!
#notcutebutfunctional #kidslovestickies
We've also begun a new unit in Math - Linear Measurement. Yesterday we started with a problem - how to measure the width of our classroom using shoes. We had a FABULOUS discussion about estimating and measuring this distance and the kids were able to explain to me many of the important rules to remember when measuring - straight line, no gaps or overlapping, consistent units, how the different shoe sizes would affect the result - then they were very eager to actually try it out. Each group chose two students and their shoes were used to measure across the classroom. This was a perfect way to get the kids excited about this new unit.

Today we reviewed what we'd learned and began one of the activities from my Guided Math: Linear Measurement package. (We did this one as a whole group - many of my Guided Math resources lend themselves to large- or small-group completion!)
Students are using linking cubes to first estimate, then measure, the height of different objects around the classroom with a partner. Everyone will measure the height of their desk and chair and then they have free choice for five other objects in the classroom. This will give me the opportunity to circulate and chat with kids about what they understand and find out what misconceptions they may have.

Today I launched a Wonder Wall in our classroom! I've wanted to do this for some time, but haven't had the space, but now that we have iPads and Boggle-like apps to use I don't need our Boggle Board up on the wall. My students are SO excited to be learning about plants and animals and have tons of questions that they are excited to find the answer to. I think the excitement stems from my class being SO boy-heavy and they are definitely the typical sort of "boy" readers (loving non-fiction)! I also pulled out the "fancy" stickies and gave them their choice of shape and color - what more could one ask for?!
We will be adding to this and changing it as the unit progresses. I can already see that the kids are motivated to find some answers to their wonderings... Awesome!

This week during The Daily 5 I have been meeting with a small group of kiddos who are requiring some intense extra support with consolidating their understanding of short vowel sounds. We've completed some worksheet activities that they enjoyed, but were they ever having fun with these Roll and Read pages by Whimsy Workshop Teaching today!! I think they'd be happy to spend their entire literacy block playing with these with a partner! Thanks so much for a great resource, Susanna! They are PERFECT for practice and remediation! :)
I was having such fun watching them and supporting that I didn't even think to take photos. Next time...!
We started a unit on non-fiction text features this week as well and have been focusing on the Table of Contents for the past couple of days. Today the kids got to practice using the table of contents in some amazing National Geographic Readers I purchased from the Scholastic book order and my "Good Readers" Text Features Mini Books.

My students absolutely LOVE using mini books! They're just the right size to be super-cute, and they decorate the covers when they've finished with the activities. I love the engagement. Check it out:
Want to try these out in your own classroom? You can grab a FREE sample of this package by clicking the image below. Don't forget to leave me some nice feedback! :)

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