A Year of Awesome - Week 26

Our app catalogue was updated over the weekend and the kiddos got to spend some time exploring the goodies! They are so excited about having these full-time in our classroom - we are using them during every part of our day for so many different purposes! Just look at the engagement...! Awesome!!
This morning we participated in our school-wide Read-A-Thon and Pajama Day! Students collected pledges and classes signed up for half-hour blocks of time in the library. Some staff members decorated and created some cozy reading spaces and we got right into our reading - some students choosing books and other choosing our new iPads!
Today, as I spent some time after school redoing my wall-to-wall bulletin board after Friday's fiasco, I took advantage of having the ladder out to get the Heart Garden all up-to-date. Recently, the kids have been on a Garden-growing spree, and the Heart Garden messages have been piling up on my table. The reason for that is simply that our Heart Garden has just grown so large that I can't easily add the messages without standing on something. That is AWESOME!! Take a look at how we've grown...
I finally got our final If Kids Ran The World pieces up on the bulletin board! If you haven't seen this book you absolutely must check it out. It is a touching look at how the innocence of children could change the way the world runs.
The kids' versions are so sweet. I love that they wanted to do things like stopping littering, and donating things they don't use to people who need it more, and planting fresh food. How awesome!
I've posted early this week because the end of Friday marks the beginning of my March Break, and that is COMPLETELY AWESOME!! Since I'm heading south and don't have the extra time to finish up a blog post for the week, we're just going to assume that this is the most awesome part of the day! ;)

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