A Year of Awesome - Week 25

Our new iPads arrived today!! I'm so excited to get some great apps requested for our catalogue so we can begin using them throughout the day. Today I brought the first three home to start getting them ready for the kids. Aren't they awesome?!
I'm on the lookout for awesome apps for my second and third graders... let me know if you are aware of some that we must have!

We've been working on multi-step problem solving and I just love watching the kids head to the T.A.C.K. Board to check on their communication. They head over together and look at all the parts of the chart to see that they've communicated their understanding clearly and completely. Check out the heads together! Awesome!

Today we had a visiting theatre company of retired teachers perform Charlotte's Web for our primary students. We JUST finished reading the book as a class read-aloud yesterday, so the timing couldn't be more perfect. They did a fantastic job!
With new iPads come new iPad rules!!
I couldn't resist the Melonheadz clip art for these. If you'd like to grab a copy you can now find these FREE - exclusively in my TpT store!

Today was a release day to participate in planning for my collaborative inquiry. I had a "Guest Teacher" in my classroom, and was determined to make the day run smoothly, because it often doesn't on days like this. I put together a simple reflection for my students - this sat on their desks all day long, and the children were expected to complete it prior to leaving for French at the end of the day.
They did, and I was impressed with their honesty. I signed each of them and they went home to families. I'm trying to encourage accountability with my students. I know they're young, but I think it is never too early to start. In my classroom, it is all about CHOICE. Everything you do throughout the day is a choice. Some are easier to make than others, but still they ARE choices. Choose wisely.

One not-so-awesome thing today was that this happened:
That was my wall-to-wall bulletin board containing the numbers and alphabet that you see in this photo:
The ENTIRE thing ended up on the floor today. I blame gravity. I think it was the culprit. I'm clinging to the hope that it wasn't my lunch helpers tossing things around when I wasn't in the room! (I did once find them playing Twister on my carpet - very clever, if you ask me!)

The day WAS a great opportunity to dig into the math resources I mentioned last week, however, and I had lots of time to do some strategic planning for the weeks to come and that's AWESOME!!

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