A Year of Awesome - Week 23

Yippeeee!! It is a holiday! That's awesome!
Taught my kiddos another new game during phys. ed. today! They are soccer-CRAZY so I'm not sure why I didn't pull this one out of my sleeve earlier, but better late than never!

This is four-corner soccer. We lay the benches down on their sides in the four corners of the gym and I split the class into four teams. The pinnies help the kids tell their teammates apart, as everyone is all over the gym at the same time. The goal is basically to score against any other team so it is constant running from one end to the other. (It's all part of my master plan to tire them out! I love how they're all a-blur!! Awesome!)
Today I shared a special little writing book with a little person in my class. One of my more emotional students is about to welcome a baby sister into the family, and it is just an added layer of excitement, nerves and apprehension to an already busy little mind. I decided some time ago that I was going to create a special journal for this little peep, and knew today was the day when the student shared the rapidly-approaching arrival date with me first thing in the morning. The response was AWESOME!! This student was thrilled to receive this book! (Update: every day this week since receiving this journal, the student has dropped it on my desk so I could look to see what had been written. I think it is working in exactly the way I was hoping for this little one! Yes!!)
Did I mention yet that this is a Spirit Week? All the excitement is catching up with me - I'm a little tired today. After Monday's holiday we've celebrated Sports Day and Plaid/Camo Day. Today is Fashion Disaster/Crazy Hair day, and with that comes some equally crazy energy. Combine it with indoor recesses all day because of the cold and you can see where I'm coming from! lol

Needless to say, I needed to change things up a bit to keep everyone interested. With an hour-long arts period this afternoon I decided to scrap my original plans to introduce the kids to a new game I purchased from the Scholastic catalogue, Mental Blox.
The kids absolutely LOVED it!! They are split into two teams, each with a set of these fun blocks. We discussed the attributes that differ from block to block (shape, color, pattern) and then launched the game. One player from each team comes to me and gets to look at a card for ten seconds. The card depicts a particular arrangement of these blocks that needs to be exactly reproduced. Players return to their group and their set of blocks to try and replicate what they saw. The next two players come up and look at the same card and make changes to the arrangement if needed. When a group thinks they have exactly what is in the photo on the card, they shout "Mental Blox!". What an awesome thinking game! I highly recommend it!
Another day of indoor recesses due to extreme cold, and why not let this one be paired with Halloween?! Yup... today was "Dress As Your Favorite Movie/Book Character Day". We don't even dress up at Halloween in our school - that is reserved as Black & Orange Day.

Oh.My.Word. I remember now why we DON'T dress up at Halloween. The kids were bouncing off the walls (literally for some of them!). They were cute, and they were having fun, but I am one exhausted teacher today, and so ready for my weekend!

I'm feeling pretty Awesome about my first-ever guest post on a collaborative blog today, though! Please pop over to Who's Who and Who's New to check out my post all about how I organize guided math in my classroom. I hope you like it and would love for you to leave me a message!

Happy Weekend, Everyone!!

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