A Year of Awesome - Week 21

Can a Monday ever get better than a SNOW DAY exactly one week before reports are due at the office?! I think not!! Today was an absolute gift!

After a 4-day weekend for the kids (after Friday's P.A. Day and yesterday's snow day) everyone was totally out of sorts. Mondays are often tough, but today seemed to be extra challenging. Daily 5 was looking and feeling much like it does in September, so after the first round I challenged the kids to show their Read to Someone stamina. We reviewed the I-Chart, took some time to carefully choose a good-fit partner, and off we went. They did an awesome job!
Today held one of the year's top Awesome moments. A volunteer in our building whose own children attended our school many years ago came to me during recess to thank me for the year I taught her daughter in Grade 5. This young woman has just finished university and started working with the Boys & Girls Club and her mom said she felt like Grade 5 was a defining year for her daughter and that I was so great for her. WOW! I can't even express how amazing it was to hear that. I always love hearing about former students, but to hear from a parent that you were so appreciated is truly AWESOME!

National Sweater Day is a super opportunity to talk to the kids about conservation of energy! Sponsored by WWF Canada, this day encourages people to decrease the thermostat by two degrees and don a fun sweater in recognition. This is the third or fourth year I've participated with my class, and it won't be the last. I invited my students to wear a crazy sweater, we had awesome discussions about energy and energy use, and celebrated with some hot chocolate and a Magic School Bus episode about recycling. It was great fun!
It's the 100th Day of School!! We started the day with a special attendance slide on the SMART board and the kids were SO excited! Even Swiper got into the fun... check out the numbers he swiped from us today:
Following our morning calendar routine we started a variety of fun 100th Day activities from my new 100th Day of School Writing and Word Work activity package. There was a great brainstorming activity - 100 things I want to do before I turn 100 - and I was SO impressed with the variety of responses... including bungee jumping, going to a circus, becoming a teacher, winning a lottery, owning 200 books, having a big brain (lol!), eating the best pumpkin pie, and even having a good hair day! I LOVED reading these. This activity set the stage for our writing activity with the aged student photos - "When I am 100 years old..." - I wish I could post each of the finished pieces, but you can see the nearly-completed bulletin board below. They also worked on a 100-word collection - I even made the cut in one of the books...!
We peppered the day with some 100th Day challenges like sitting in absolute silence for 100 seconds and having a stare-off with a partner for 100 seconds, and the students each received a new Brag Tag for their necklace.
Finally, at the end of the day, the kiddos shared the special collections of 100 things they brought with them to school... we had everything from marshmallows to Lego to gumballs to 100 books donated to our classroom library!! Wowzer! It doesn't get more awesome than that!
As the day finally ended, I gave each of my kids a special 100th Day wand that says "I Am 100 Days Brighter!". These were a hit again this year.
I am utterly exhausted, but it was truly a fantastic day and a great way to end an awesome week!

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  1. I love the staring contest idea! I am sure that was pretty popular with your boys especially. The 100th day is a lot of fun!


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