A Year of Awesome - Week 19

Sorry for the late delivery... I'm still sick (but mostly sick and tired of being sick...) and just didn't have the energy to finish this post Friday night!! I'm back for what is a mostly "normal" week in grade 2/3!!
Today during lunch, I had supervision of my own students and the grade four class down the hall. This is my twice-weekly duty, and I spend the twenty minutes wandering back and forth between the classes until I've dismissed them to prepare for lunch recess. At that point I tend to hang out in the hall where I can keep an eye on most students at once. Today while the students were getting ready to go out I poked back into the grade four classroom to hurry some of the students along when one of the girls makes her way over and says to me, "Guess what Mrs. Beattie! I'm a lot like a boa constrictor." Um... "Really? Tell me about that." And she responds with, "Yup, I sometimes hug people a little too tightly." Awesome!!!

We used a product created by a fellow TpT seller today. I stumbled across Cori Bloom just yesterday while searching for some music activities for my students. We've done our share of singing, and I wanted some music appreciation activities that were ready to go. She didn't disappoint. We read about Claude Debussy today and listened to his piece, The Snow is Dancing. The kids had a great time with this and asked for the music to be played repeatedly while they were completing the reflection. With a group that is 3/4 boys I'm very impressed that I could get most of them moving with the music. Awesome.

Another fun little thing that put a smile on my face today was having Miss Laidlaw share some photos she tweeted of her little ones using my Guided Math: Linear Measurement activities. Check them out... even Teachers Pay Teachers retweeted these cuties!
I got some REALLY awesome news today!! My class is getting SIX new iPad Minis!! Yup, six. I am so excited I could burst. To have them in my room full-time rather than having to sign out the school supply... awesome!!
So let me ask you... what are your must-have, use-every-day, can't-live-without apps? I'm talking about the best of the best. I know about Spelling City and certainly plan on having that one installed, but what others do you truly use all the time? Please leave me a comment with your faves!!
I ran into a bunch of my former fifth grade students today. Now that I teach primary and they are in grade seven we are in opposite ends of the building so I don't tend to see them often. It always touches me that they will go out of their way to come and chat with me, even now that they are "big kids". One of them even burst into a spontaneous "What I Am"! If you've been reading my blog for a while you know how awesome that is to me!! :)
We are finally getting really settled into our guided math groups routine. This was the first week that I pulled regular groups together while the rest of the class worked independently on centers. They were a huge hit. I love that within each group I have been able to provide enough choice that the students are all engaged in something that interests them! Take a look at some of the fun activities I caught them working on at the top of this post... They're awesome! 

Do you have an AWESOME story to share from your week in the classroom? Link up or leave a comment below! 

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