A Year of Awesome - Week 17

Welcome back, and Happy New Year! May your 2015 be full of love, laughter and good health!
I'm excited to look ahead to this new year in my classroom! I have big plans for my kiddos! :)
First day back. Full moon. All things considered it went pretty smoothly. It was definitely a day for reviewing expectations and establishing routines (all over again). We got started on some reading response activities with my new resource. The kids loved coming up to the SMART Board to draw for our sample retell this morning.
The students kept putting their hands up to add more detail, and during Daily 5 rotations one of the girls asked if she could please do "one of those pages" while referring to our collaborative retell that was still displayed. {Teacher love!} Awesome!
Tuesday we did this amazing art activity from Whimsy Workshop Teaching.
The kids were SO excited when they saw my sample polar bear, and were extremely proud to show their own off when I hung them up in the hall later in the week. Aren't they so precious?!
Today I learned the hard way that I'm too old to play dodgeball with 19 seven and eight year olds. I'll be feeling it in the morning, but it was AWESOME!

Reading response fun continued today on the SMART board!
The kiddos are absolutely having a ball with the new activities, which makes this teacher very happy indeed! I'm loving how eager they are to complete each new page - the SMART Board makes everything more awesome!
Oh, today is the happiest of happy days!! SNOW DAY for me, and just in time... I've got a new student beginning in my class on Monday.

In my neck of the woods when the buses are canceled the schools remain open. I can only remember two complete closures in my 16 years of teaching. So, even though the roads were snow-covered and slippery, I hauled my sick butt out of bed and into my classroom because on a day like today I get so much accomplished!! THAT is Awesome!!

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  1. A snow day?!?! What a wonderful way to start off your weekend! That's totally amazing! I agree with you, I get so much done on those "special" days, too. Love it!

  2. Do you sell this smartboard reading response activity on TPT? I would LOVE to use something like this with my class!!!! And THEY would love it too!

    1. I sure do, Mrs. Mudie! You can find the set here: http://bit.ly/GraphicOrgFiction

      Thanks for stopping by!


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