A Year of Awesome - Week 16 (Wednesday)

Wednesday - 3 Days until Christmas Break. Well, today didn't begin on such a high note... one of my little toads was sick in the classroom and had to go home. I spent a good chunk of the day repeating my new mantra, "Don't get sick, don't get sick..." as I need to be on a plane very soon.

Today we "Elfed" ourselves!! I used this great freebie from Corrina at Surfin' Through Second.
I just print the template on a bunch of different colored papers and let the kids pick and choose what they use. They are 100% created by them (except for the glitter, which I helped with so that it would go through the laminator!). I've already finished laminating and trimming them out so all we have left to finish are some pom-poms on the hats and a ribbon to hang on the tree. I think they make awesome gifts for the parents. I'd love to hear what you've done for your kiddos' parents! Link up below!

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