A Year of Awesome - Week 15

10 days to go. Nobody hurt, nobody lost, nobody maimed. Check, check, check. Awesome!

We've been spending quite a bit of time lately working on our social skills. Most recently it is all about how (and when!) to interrupt politely. We created this chart together and the students are working hard at practicing this new-found skill. (Actually, the interruptions may have increased... :/ At least they are polite about it!) Awesome.
Today was an unusual day - I spent the first 2/3 of it at our board office for some training with a new computer application, then returned to school where I spent about 35 minutes with my kiddos before my planning time began. The part of the day that I am absolutely the most pleased with is that there were no significant behavior issues while I was away. Guest teachers tend to have a challenge with a few of my students, but everyone was awesome today. Yay! 
It's our Holiday/Christmas Concert day!! We've been practicing Must Be Santa for a few weeks already, and the kids were so excited to perform. Every single one of them arrived back to school on time this evening, and they were really great when their turn to perform rolled around. I wish I had a photo of them up there on stage, but I was a little busy directing them up front with hundreds of parents and grandparents behind me. Proud teacher moment. Awesome!
One of the things we completed in preparation for yesterday's concert were our gingerbread boys and girls to accompany our persuasive letters. The letters were creative and so much fun to read, and the finished gingerbread people were adorable. I'm kicking myself for arriving home without photos, but it was "one of those days". I promise I'll share some on Monday because they really are awesome!!

This is the PERFECT activity to keep your kiddos busy next week!! Check it out here:

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