A Year of Awesome - Week 14

Today we kicked off some fun Gingerbread activities! No Elf on the Shelf for this gal. We started by reading the traditional story. I used this edition:

Then we began with the first of the pre-writing activities in my new You'll Never Catch Me! persuasive writing package... putting ourselves in the place of The Gingerbread Man. Oooh, they love this. I knew it would be a hit because of how much fun the kids had becoming the turkey at Thanksgiving.

We compared and contrasted the two stories, and when someone mentioned the different sorts of characters chasing The Gingerbread Kid, I launched into the second pre-writing activity. My students were positively energized and very excited to write their ideas:
I can't wait to see what they write when it is time for the first drafts! This is turning out to be an awesome activity! If you'd like to try it in your own classroom, it is available here:

The gingerbread fun continues! We began decorating our gingerbread people for our bulletin board display today. I think I will pull out some of the art supplies as we finish them up - it wouldn't be the holiday season without a little glitter on the floor, would it?! (I'm not spoiling the final product with photos... you'll have to come back next week!) Awesome!
We've finally finished our Me on the Map projects and they look AMAZING!! A huge thank-you to Erin at Once Upon a Classroom for creating this fun resource. My kids loved it and the parents have been admiring our hall display. Awesome!

"A person's a person no matter how small." -Dr. Seuss. Today we had the pleasure of visiting the high school next door for a student performance of Seussical, The Musical. Seven of my former students were part of it. It was so fun to see these kids, now very grown up, singing their hearts out on stage. I'm really impressed with how great the show turned out to be. They certainly had all my students focused on the stage for nearly two whole hours (and my kids don't even sit still for movies!)... Awesome!
Today I introduced my class to our next group of Guided Math centers. I plan to keep as much of my day "normal" as I possibly can as we approach the holidays. Not easy, but every bit helps. So, I introduced some of the 2-digit addition and subtraction centers from my resource and they were an absolute hit!! Thank goodness for being able to give kids choice and keep them engaged with just two weeks of school until Christmas break! Today I circulated to be sure everyone understood the instructions and next week I'll be able to pull groups once again!
If you've picked up this year's Winter Holiday eBook from TpT you may recognize my little bit of advice. If you haven't checked it out already, head HERE to grab this awesome resource - full of tips, tricks, and freebies!!

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  1. I am looking forward to seeing your kids gingerbread writing and the craft you have planned. Unlike you, I stay as far away from glitter as I can. In grade 1 if we break out the glitter it will be a DISASTER! I have been there, done that and don't wish to repeat it! :)

    Hanging Around In Primary

  2. Your Me on the Maps look amazing!!!!!!! Great job Erin :)


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