You Oughta Know About iDoceo!

Update: Click HERE to check out a new series of blog posts on the newer iDoceo 4 app!

I am linking up with Jasmine at Buzzing with Mrs. McClain for her "You Oughta Know" Blog Hop. Several us are joining together to share some things we think you oughta know about to make your life in the classroom easier!

Earlier this year, I {finally} became the proud owner of an iPad. I didn't really know what I was going to do with one, but knew I had to have it! ☺ If you follow my blog already you know that after polling my Facebook fans on their favorite apps I decided to purchase iDoceo.
It looked like an amazing way to manage my mark book and plan book in one place, but if you've read those earlier posts you know that I struggled to get it going. The tutorials all seem to be set up with high school teachers in mind, and I'm a primary teacher...

I've now been using the app for two months and love it more each day! I completed my progress reports last weekend and they may have been the simplest reports I've ever written because I had so much data at my fingertips!

Setting Up Subjects and Using the Planner

You can read all about how I set up my subjects in THIS blog post.

Go "Paperless"!

You can also read how I've been able to go "paperless" in THIS blog post.

Using the Mark Book

Now that I've been using it for some time I can share some features of the mark book with you! I use the mark book section of each subject to create checklists as well as record grades, document my observations and can even photograph or video the child's work. Each cell in the grade book is multi-layered, allowing you to record text, icons, resources and annotations.

To change column properties you press and hold the heading of the column. This menu will appear:
Tap Edit to change the column properties.
Here in the "Title" section is where you can change the title of the column as well as adjust the width & color. You can also indicate here whether you want the date to appear or not. Press "Editor" and the screen will change to this:
This is where you choose the type of data you'll be collecting. You'll see some examples of these if you keep reading! Finally, select "Grade Type".
There are many options here, as well as a custom category so you can create something that best suits your needs.

Sample Data and Annotations:

Using the sample class that is included with the app, I'll show you some of the different ways you can manage student data. Marks can be entered numerically:
And the app can even average a set of scores into a final grade:
Letter grades can be set, and through the column settings you can opt to have the date appear with the grade you've assigned:
See the speech bubble in the text box above? The one with the dots? That opens up annotations. You may want to add a comment about strengths and next steps or some other observations you made when marking... this is the place to do it. You'll know that you've added additional information when you see a darkened corner, and can read it with a single tap:

There is also a standard pop-up dialogue box that appears if you tap and hold any cell, allowing you to enter text, symbol OR annotation (or a combination of all three) to that child's data. This is also what to do if you needed to add to or change a comment or symbol within the cell. Each cell will hold up to 4 symbols plus additional text information.
You can also see that I have color-coded my students. You can change the student's entire row on the mark book page or just change individual cells if you wish.

If that's not information overload I don't know what is...! Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions about any of this. I'll help if I can!

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  1. Looks like an amazing tool! I am passing this on to our technology coordinator because we are looking for a new system.

    The Math Maniac

  2. Ooooh!!! Another app that I will have to add to my iPad. I am definitely going to explore this app :-) Thanks for sharing!

    Buzzing With Mrs. McClain

  3. I love technology in the classroom and any app that can make my life a little easier! Thanks for sharing. Love your blog, too!

    Friendly Froggies

  4. This sounds like an amazing app. I will have to look into it for next year.

    Hanging Around In Primary

  5. This is so organized and amazing! Thank you for sharing this!

    A LoveLi Class

  6. This is so cool, thank you for sharing it with our blog hop followers. :)
    Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas!
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