A Year of Awesome - Week 13

Singing, dancing, reading, organizing, and discounting... What an awesome way to spend a week! ☺
Today was the first day that I provided my students with some choice in their Daily 5 rotations. With the choice board set up everything ran extremely smoothly and I was able to get several reading conferences done. It feels so late to be hitting this part of our routine, but better late than never! Having everyone engaged in their chosen activity was certainly awesome! If you didn't pick up your own copy of my Daily 5 choice board you can still grab it by clicking the image below!

Today I finally got around to some of the piles of "stuff" that had accumulated during my absence after the accident. My sub(s) left the room very tidy, but there were piles of things for me to deal with, in addition to many things that were already on my to-do list. I had a pile of laminating that is finally done (and even cut out!) and some organization of resources that needed completing. A fantastic find this month are these plastic hardware dividers I found at the dollar store:
They are turning out to be the PERFECT storage solution for my pencil crayons. Those cardboard boxes only last so long, and I started finding stray pencils all around the room. The new pencils were a tiny bit too long, but after a few uses they are a perfect fit! Awesome!!

This morning we had an author, Susan Aguilo, visit our school. The students were SO excited when they learned that she'd be visiting, reading one of her books to us AND signing autographs. After the reading, Susan shared some of her tricks for managing story ideas - just like our Tiny Topics journals! Oh, were the students ever interested in this!

(I provided each of my kiddos with a tiny spiral notebook at the beginning of the year to use for collecting story ideas. Some use it more than others, of course, but this may have been the inspiration needed to dust them off! Awesome!)

Today was definitely not your typical school day!! It included a kiddie rock concert and a Groove dance workshop! Seriously. Okay, maybe not a rock concert, but you'd have thought it was from the reaction of the 5-8 year old crowd! On the bill... Juno award winner, Jack Grunsky! The kiddos sang along and danced in the aisles!
We returned to the school in time for lunch then spent the afternoon grooving in the gymnasium with Dani from Groove Edgeucation. She's absolutely fantastic. Three classes of students all moving enthusiastically to the music. Awesome!!
Today was a Professional Activity Day in our board so with no awesome kid-fun to report!

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