A Year of Awesome - Week 10

Happy November! New month, new fun. Progress reports are written and at the office for proofing, and I have an extra hour of sleep under my belt! Awesome!

Swiper arrived today!! When my students entered the classroom they found two numbers missing on our hundreds chart. After a little puzzling on what could have happened, and noticing Swiper hanging out nearby, I let them in on a little "Mission-Impossible-style" message that had popped up on my computer that morning. (Not really, but don't tell them!) I told them that it basically said that if we wanted to see those numbers again, we needed to identify them and find their sum. Well, you'd have thought I'd offered them ten bucks to go solve some math! Were they ever eager! I can't wait to see what the reaction is tomorrow morning when they find two new numbers missing...! Hehe! Awesome!
I finally introduced our Writing Buddies today! I designed them to work together with our personal writing goals. I wrote about that HERE.

These little cards simply function as a reminder to my students of what they should be focusing on during their writing. Having these little buddies sitting right on the students' desks creates some accountability that the goal chart doesn't. When a student tells me their writing is finished I ask them to check in with their Writing Buddy before packing up. Did they remember to use capitals? punctuation? This is a great way to self-check!

They are simply printed on card stock, laminated and clipped on the bottom with a binder clip. When the metal grips of the binder clip are removed you're left with a perfect stand so the buddies don't get lost in a pile of papers! Awesome!
I would LOVE to give a set of Writing Buddies away this weekend! If you're interested in a copy, leave me a message below explaining how you would use them in your own classroom!

We recently began our first Social Studies unit - Global Communities for Grade 2 and Living and Working in Ontario in Grade 3. Living in a small rural community in eastern Ontario with non-existent cultural diversity means that my kiddos have a very small view of the world. So what better place to start than Me On The Map. The children need to understand where they are in relation to the rest of the world, and to give them an idea of this we are using this awesome resource from Erin Palleschi of Once Upon a Classroom.
The kids are having such fun with it and the finished product is going to make such a great hall display! Erin already has over 30 different provinces and states posted in her TpT store. You can find yours HERE. Thanks, Erin! These are Awesome!
Today my vice principal provided me with release time so that I could attend a meeting in the afternoon. She had my kids in the gym until my planning time began and the students went to French. We had a good laugh in the meeting when there was an abrupt knock on the office door and her head popped inside to say, "Mrs. Beattie, do you think you could share something about the Mystery Walker with me so we can go back to the classroom?!" (Each time we move through the school I choose a name to be the "Mystery Walker". I got the idea from THIS Pinterest pin.) My little people are such sticklers for routine that they couldn't possibly continue with the afternoon until they knew whether or not our Mystery Walker was successful through the hallways! Awesome!
Tough afternoon. One of my second grade girls made a poor choice this afternoon with a guest teacher and when my EA spoke with her about it she fell apart. I'm not talking tears, I'm talking epic meltdown. This was at the beginning of my planning time, as the class was heading to the French room. I thought this student was going to make a run for it when she bolted to the hall, but when I followed I found her right outside the classroom. I hadn't seen her quite this upset this year, and nothing I suggested seemed to be calming her down. Strangely, the first thing that popped into my head was GoNoodle. Odd, unless you have any experience with GoNoodle FLOW!
I casually mentioned that we could put this on to help her regroup and she agreed. (Yay!) I closed the door, turned off the lights, and chose one of the Emotion programs - Light As A Feather - and by the time it was finished, this little soul was calm and ready to join the rest of her classmates. If I wasn't already obsessed with the benefits of GoNoodle this would have sold me completely, but when I found myself sharing the story with coworkers at the end of the day I knew it was the "Awesome" moment I needed to write about today! You can learn more about Flow by clicking HERE or HERE.
Do you have an AWESOME story to share from your week in the classroom? Link up or leave a comment below! 

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  1. I love the idea of using binder clips. Your writing buddies are perfect. My third graders STILL don't consistently use capitals and punctuation correctly. Hooray for GoNoodle. I haven't used it this year, but perhaps I should. My 5-year-old daughter, who is reading over my shoulder, wanted me to tell you that she likes your purple background! Have a great week.
    Laughter and Consistency

  2. I would love to win a set of reading buddies. They are perfect for differentiation since my first graders are all in different places in writing. Some still need to focus on spacing and others are ready for adding details. They love to write so this is a favorite part of our day! lhuhne@optonline.net


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