A Year of Awesome - Week 7

Monday was the Thanksgiving holiday here in Canada, and that means a 4-day work week! :) Combined with a sick day at home, I worked for only three. Then why is it that this week feels about 6 weeks long?!

Woo hoo!! Who doesn't love a holiday on a Monday?!  I spent time with family, got some creating done, did some laundry, and had a lovely supper with my hubby!
I finally finished my initial reading assessments today!! Home reading is now underway and I can finally get into my Daily 5 program! Last year, The Daily 5 was one of my favorite parts of my day. I loved listening to my students read, providing them with strategies and watching their skills absolutely take off!! Having two of last year's students, I am excited to watch them continue to progress as readers!

I am thrilled to have my Guided Math groupings started and my kiddos engaged in the first activities. I am only doing one rotation at this point, and using this time to observe my students' problem-solving skills in action. My rotation board looks like this:
I have the activity choices written on the large cubes, and the student names written on the small ones. As I get initial assessments completed and have more obvious needs jump out, I will create groups that will rotate through the activities together.

The first of my Guided Math centers is published and available. My Basic Addition and Subtraction Centers includes four activities for each of the stations (except Teacher's Choice!).

Math With Someone Activities - 

This includes my "Candy Run" board game, Addition Bump, and Addition Go Fish games...

At Work On My Own Activities - 

This includes work with fact families (adorable Melonheadz families, that is!), comparing sums and differences, "Spend It" - a menu activity, and a color by sum or difference page!

Hands-On: Manipulatives - 

This includes four activities involving dice, dominoes and cut-and-paste matching tasks! 

My students are so engaged and I'm gathering such informative data! Awesome!! I now have my second unit, Data Management & Graphing, finished as well and I'm so excited to share it with you!

Today was my first sick day of the year. Not awesome. It was a rainy morning, perfect for snuggling back under the covers. Awesome. Being away from school is a lot of work... plans take forever. Not awesome. My hubby is retired now and took great care of me all day. Awesome!

One awesome thing about Thursday was the writing my kiddos did when I was away. You have to see some of these...
Haha! "Shopping for clothes and makeup and shoes and accessories. So much accessories!"You'd think I was a diva! (I'm not!)

Not much of a donut eater either, but Donut Mania sounds like a great place! ;)

Thanks to this little one for sending me to Punta Cana for the day. That WOULD be "the life"!!

I just loved this picture!

I promise I was NOT at a bar in Toronto!!
The most awesome part of today is that it is Friday and it is over. Let's just say that I sure didn't find my room in the state I left it on Wednesday. The mess was ridiculous, things were ruined or misplaced, and that's really hard for this organized girl to take. Add indoor recess into the mix today and you can probably feel my pain.

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  1. I hope you're feeling better, Erin! I wish I would have been able to come in for you. Too bad it doesn't work that way.
    I love those writing examples. I laughed out loud!!! They have great imaginations! :)
    Have an awesome weekend!

    1. Thanks, Emily! I sure wish I could have called you to be in for me!! :) Hope you've been busy!
      You have an awesome weekend, too!!


  2. Back again to link up. Check out my big news for the week. :)

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