A Year of Awesome - Week 4

Let the Awesome-ness continue! :)
After 3 weeks of daily calendar math I am already seeing number sense skills improving. Today we spent a chunk of our math block playing a Number Sense SCOOT Game and this may be longest amount of time that all my students were continuously engaged with a math activity. The students were reviewing some of the skills that we practice daily during our calendar time, and it gave me a great opportunity to observe them in action. AWESOME!
Tuesday. Oh, Tuesday... I don't love you. I'm sorry about that, but it IS the truth. I'm one tired teacher. I'm not sure if my students sensed I needed a pick-me-up, or if they were just each bringing their A-Game, but take a look at this clip chart:
Need I say more?! They were truly awesome today - kind to one another, polite, helpful, generous. What more could I possibly ask for?!
Today flew by. It was picture day, and of course our turn came right in the middle of our literacy block. Better than my planning time, I suppose! The most awesome today came after the school bell rang at the end of my day. I took advantage of some extra time I had after school to get some of our anchor charts posted and my bulletin board changed for next Tuesday's Open House. Take a look at a couple of them:
I am LOVING the bulletin board! :) These little cuties come from Amy Lemons.
Today's highlight was reaching 15 minutes of Read to Self! Yup, 15 whole minutes! I'm anxious for the day when I am able to begin working with students during this time, but we're not quite there yet. I tried yesterday. I attempted completing a PM Benchmark running record, but the rest of the students were just too interested in what was happening in the room when yours truly was otherwise occupied. Let's just say as we look at our stamina chart that we decided we could skip Day #13 altogether. We decided that the number 13 is sort of an unlikable number anyway. For some people... (I don't have any personal issue with it - Mr. Beattie and I actually had our very first date on a FRIDAY the 13th many moons ago!) Soooo, we ultimately decided as a group that we could leave Day #13 off of our chart and feel okay about that! ;)
Are your students struggling to build their reading stamina during The Daily 5? Encourage focus and attention to the task by graphing successful stamina minutes! Your students will definitely be motivated as they watch the graph grow!

Our first P.A. Day of the year, today was the perfect opportunity to grab my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season, and it was AWESOME!!
The P.A. Day wasn't so shabby, either! Who can complain about beginning the day with some team-building Minute to Win It action first thing in the morning?! Unfortunately (or maybe it is a blessing!) there are no photos of me in action to post at this point! If any are sent my way I'll be sure to share! ;)

During part of our day I was introduced to a new math resource that just arrived in our school.
Number Talks is a resource for helping students build mental math and computation strategies. I'm looking forward to taking a closer look! New resources = AWESOME!

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  1. We played your Number Sense Scoot game this week today too! My kids loved it!!!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  2. I got Number Talks this summer! Great resource!

    1. Glad to know!, Heidi! I haven't had much of an opportunity to check it out in detail, but I'm looking forward to having a closer look once Open House is over later this week!


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