Getting This Garden Growing!

Today was Day #2 in my classroom. Two weeks from today there will be little faces looking back at me, but for now I'm working on getting organized. One of my big projects today was to begin preparing my Heart Garden display. If you missed my previous post on this, you can read about it here.

On the to-do list today was my tree. I had Susanna at Whimsy Workshop Teaching design this for me, and she didn't disappoint. I was going to drag an old overhead projector down to my room for this (I even made the transparency!) and then I had a "Eureka!" moment... I used my SMART Board! It was a little tricky when the cursor made something jump on the screen, but it worked pretty well!
I got much farther than I even anticipated, not only getting the tree traced, but cut out AND the posters laminated and trimmed! I am SO thrilled with how it looks!

The little posters are magnetic - I'll be able to move them around on my board. (Yes, it is a chalk board! lol I know they are somewhat outdated!)

I'm super-excited to start adding hearts to this display, and continue adding throughout the school year! Stay tuned for more updates on this fun program!

Another big job that I'm happy to have more than half-finished is sorting, cleaning and re-labeling my classroom library! Today I made it through 3 of my 5 shelving units and I'm pretty impressed with how it is looking. Last year's paint job has held up pretty nicely, I think!
You can see my new bin labels. The book labeling will be left for another time - just maybe a good job for my lunch helpers! ;) I imagine I'll have lots of volunteers when mid-winter arrives!

Best wishes to you for a great transition back into the classroom, or a great school year if you've already begun!


  1. Love reading your posts.... Have you tried freezing the projector? It will keep your cursor from moving.

    1. Hi Jessica! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Unfortunately, the projector I have in my classroom doesn't have the "freeze" option. I found that strange because the one in my last classroom did. Definitely miss that!

      Have a great weekend!


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