How I Want to Spend My Summer - A Linky

I may have 24 teaching days + one P.A. Day remaining of this school year (who's counting?!), but I'm definitely thinking ahead to my summer vacation! I'm linking up today with Deanna Jump for her Top Ten Things I Want to Do This Summer Linky!
Drum roll, please...! In no particular order:

1. Family & Friends

I absolutely need to make the time to catch up with my family and friends. There's just no excuse (including home renovations or a new grade) for how long it has been since I've connected with some of the important people in my life.

2. Enough Renos!

I'm hoping that SOON the renovations of our first floor will be complete! The kitchen was painted on Thursday, and our new appliances were delivered today! I'm so pleased with how it is all coming together! :)
I know the kitchen shot isn't from the same perspective, but you get the idea. I still have an entire library to furnish!!

3. Read

I have a pile of books that were recommended to me by a good friend, and they've been sitting collecting reno-dust for months.
These are in addition to a pile of books I've got loaded on my Kobo. I'm planning to spend some quality time getting reaquainted with my lounge chair on the deck with these!

4. Travel

This is usually our #1 priority during the summer months. We're hoping to get back to Europe again this summer, but don't have any plans yet. Prague, perhaps, and launching from there into Poland for the first time? Who knows?! It is always exciting to choose a new destination!
Taken the first time we were in Prague, in 2008.

5. Relax

I can't wait to turn off the alarm clock, sleep in, stay in my cozies, and not leave the house if I choose not to! 

6. Create!

I've got lots of product ideas banging around in my head, and I'm hoping to get some of them started this summer! I've been lucky to find the time to post a couple of new products and update some older ones to reach a wider audience in the past week or so:
Interactive Calendar Math for the SMART Board - Australian Edition, Kinder Australian Edition, Upper Level Australian Edition, Spanish Number Display, French Number Display, Metric Measurement Scoot - 2nd Edition, Math Skill Review Scoot Game

7. Thinking Ahead

I am notorious for thinking about the next school year before the current one is even finished, and this year is certainly no exception. Being in a new grade for the first time this year, and preparing to return there next year, I'm excited about the things I can do now that I have a full year under my belt. What a learning curve this year was!!

8. Organize My Classroom Library

To be honest, I'm hoping to recruit my grade six lunch helpers to get this job started for me! I inherited a great classroom library, and it is leveled, but it isn't mine. I'm wanting to get some new bins, and use my new classroom library organizer for this job.

9. Get Off This Chair

When I get into creating-mode I spend far too much time in front of the computer. I WILL get my butt off this chair and head outside. My husband are lucky enough to have a beautiful park across the street from our house that really helps us forget that we're in the middle of the city!

10. Nothing At All

Very appealing to me is knowing that I can choose to do nothing at all. Sit, close my eyes, listen to the birds, breathe, and just be. :)

What are your plans for this summer?


  1. I love yours, especially the last two!!

  2. This was a fun read. Your renos look AMAZING! We are planning a trip to Hungary and Prague in 2015 (if we can afford the flight and Euro - holy smokes it's gone up!) I am already planning my next year's decor too Erin - too funny! I just redid my new classroom decor this year and I am already bored. Sheesh. :)

    :) Shelley
    The Write Stuff Teaching


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