Technology-Rich Classrooms - with a FREEBIE

It is no secret that our students spend a ridiculous amount of time in front of one screen or another. Video games, television, computer... it has become harder and harder to grab their attention in the classroom. For this reason, I have worked hard at integrating technology into my classroom.

I have been lucky to have a SMART Board for the past three years, and I use it in a multitude of ways:
For daily attendance.
To keep track of our achievements.
Interactive math lessons in last year's 5th grade classroom.
Daily calendar & math activities in this year's 2/3.
Brain Breaks and DPA
And the occasional rainy-day movie! ;)
I wouldn't be at home without my SMART Board, and I'm sharing a tip for making your SMART lessons interactive in a new (and FREE!!!) Tech Tips For Teachers Ebook at Teachers Pay Teachers
Compiled by Laurah J at Tools for Teachers, this book is packed with ideas from 47 tech-savvy teacher-authors!


  1. Author's Purpose is the sample product for "Good Readers" Comprehension Strategies Mini Books. Would love to use these activities with my students! Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. Genre and the Mystery sample would be my choice. These look great Erin. Thanks.

    Charlene/Diamond Mom

  3. Good Readers Comprehension Strategies sample book is Author's Purpose. I would really love to use these booklets with my students. Thanks

  4. "Cause and Effect" is the sample book for Good Readers Text Organization. I have the first two! Love them!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  5. Currently teaching "text features" in my classroom. Love the looks of the sample "good readers text features mini books"!

  6. Genre Mini Books would be a great addition to my genre unit. A perfect compliment! Rose

  7. These look super cute. I would love to use them in my class!

  8. Congratulations to Kelly Cooper!! You were randomly selected (by my hubby!) to win your choice of my "Good Readers" Mini Books package! Check your e-mail!



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