2013 - Year In Review

Happy New Year! 2014 has arrived, and while I'm very excited to see what this year will hold, I am also taking some time to look back and reflect on everything that made 2013 awesome!

In 2013 I began teaching a new grade, traveled to 10 new countries with my husband, started my Teachers Pay Teachers store, launched my Facebook page, AND started my blog! I am thrilled that over 400 of you have chosen to read the things I write here! Some of you have been with me since the very beginning, and others are fairly new, so today I am going to count down my
Top 10 Most-Viewed Blog Posts of 2013!
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#10 - Learning From Crayons

This may be THE most appropriate place for me to begin for this new year! This poster is a great reminder about how we should treat others, and it is FREE!


#9 - If I Were a Thanksgiving Turkey.... Canadian Style!

This was one of the most engaging writing activities I did with my second & third graders in the fall, and was a great way to discuss point of view. The kids had so much fun putting themselves in the shoes of the Thanksgiving turkey in their writing, and then becoming the turkey in the craft!


#8 - I Heart Math

This is one of my earlier posts detailing some of the fun things I'd been working on in mathematics with my fifth graders. I taught fifth for 13 years, and especially loved teaching the math program.


#7 - Writing Organization Woes

This is the post that kick-started the fun at my TpT and TN stores. In frustration with trying to track down missing writing activities and keep track of where each of my fifth-grade students were in the writing process, I created what has become my best-selling product series! In this post I explained the a-ha moment that resulted in its creation!


#6 - "All the noise, noise, noise, noise!!"

An absolute hit in my fifth-grade classroom, this simple noise management system helps students self-monitor their volume, and helps students take responsibility for their choices. Although it hasn't made an appearance yet this year, I think my little ones would also be motivated!


#5 - Word Work Centers - GO!

Being new to the primary grades, I have experienced a huge learning curve this year as I have spent countless hours exploring programs like The Daily 5 and CAFE for the first time. In this post, I look at my newly-established word work centers, and my strategy for keeping them organized.


#4 - CAFE & Daily 5

While looking ahead to my new year in primary, I designed a CAFE & Daily 5 display that would coordinate with the rest of my classroom decor. In this post, I wrote about my preparation for second and third grade!

#3 - A Tasty Reading Project

This post is the third most read in my blog's history, and was actually the third blog entry I'd written! In this one, I detail a very cool product I purchased from Teachers Pay Teachers, and share some of the final products my students created. I was blown-away by this project - I think you'll see why...!


#2 - A Celebrity, A Time Warp, and A Neat Idea

I had such fun with this post! I wrote about that funny reaction all teachers receive from students seeing them outside of school, and then about a moment like that of my own! You'll have to click to read the funny details for yourself! I also took some time to share an idea I have for managing the students who are waiting for Teacher Time.


And finally.... #1 - Early Finishers

My most-viewed blog post of the year is about a fantastic math activity that is perfect for early finishers! Head over to the original post to check it out and grab your FREEBIE!

I'd like to take this time to thank each and every one of you for your continued support over this last year. I truly appreciate every visit, every comment, every share. I hope you'll continue to join me here, and on Facebook, as I continue to share ideas, products, and freebies in 2014!

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