Bullying Awareness & Prevention Week

This week is Bullying Awareness & Prevention Week here in Ontario, Canada. The timing couldn't be better. As classes have completely settled into routines (today was Day 55 for us), I've started hear rumblings of problems happening on the yard. Some are are arguing, others engaging in rough play. So, it really is a perfect time to revisit the idea of "filling each others' buckets".

We have had several events happening throughout the week. We've participated in door decorating:
This isn't quite the finished product, but it's close!
Each of my students decorated their own bumble bee and chose a "Be" statement. They came up with these on their own, and I had everything from, "Be nice", to "Be helpful", to "Be the bee's knees" submitted!!

One of the highlights for me was having an intermediate student, one of my former fifth graders, come in to read to my class.
She read them Only One You, by Linda Kranz,
and I read them You Be You.
These are both beautiful stories of one generation sharing wisdom with the younger generation. The pictures are all created with painted rocks. These are the inspiration for a project that our entire primary division has undertaken... each student is painting a rock of their own, to be displayed within the school until the spring, when they'll be moved into our garden.

The students couldn't wait to get started!!!

I love that they are all so unique! Very true to the story! We'll be adding some final details using Sharpie markers later this week and I'll add updated photos.

Friday will be our Pink Shirt Day. We will have an assembly in the gym that day. I can't wait to see the sea of pink taking a stand against bullying!

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