Five For Friday - Thanksgiving Weekend!

Today was a tough day. P.A. Days are never easy, but this one was particularly tough. I don't want to begin my holiday weekend down in the dumps, so I decided I'd join Doodle Bugs Teaching's Five For Friday linky with a focus on some of the things I am thankful for...
My wonderful, amazing, supportive husband of ten years. Together nearly 15, I love him more every day.
Two awesome parents and a sister I couldn't live without. They mean the world to me.
Health!! I feel like I should knock on wood or something, but everyone is pretty darn healthy right now. I have friends struggling with family member illnesses, and that makes me remember just how precious that is!
A good job with a stable income that allows me to live comfortably and gives me the freedom to see the world. Even when I'm disillusioned and discouraged I KNOW that I'm lucky to have it, and really shouldn't complain. There are lines of young teachers who'd be more than happy to take my place!
LONG WEEKENDS!! Happy Thanksgiving, Fellow Canadians! For you American readers, I've just posted a Thanksgiving Writing and Art Activity: "If I Were a Thanksgiving Turkey..." and I'm giving away a copy to someone who leaves me a post HERE by the end of Monday! You can also pick up a copy at Teachers Pay Teachers!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Hope you have a good one! Are your progress reports done?


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