Responsibility and a Halloween Safety FREEBIE

I LOVE seeing children being responsible. I think it is one of the most important things we can teach them. Taking responsibility for their choices, their belongings, their behaviors. It is HUGE! And when I see them doing it without my direction, it is bigger still! 

It may be small, but in my Grade 2/3 class, the kiddos are awesome at taking care of their table supply buckets. As our day was ending, they were in a pretty sorry state...
As soon as one student noticed, though... everyone jumped to action! It is great to see who demonstrates leadership by taking control of the situation, and who is content to just help, but every student jumps in. Love!! 

By the time the bell rang to go home, the baskets were tidy and ready for learning tomorrow!!
That's a win-win!!

On another note, Halloween night is approaching - a time that should be pure fun. Every year, children are injured by accidents that are completely preventable, with just a little bit of education. As this year's special night approaches, I will be spending time with my students revisiting some basic safety guidelines that I hope will ensure they are back in my classroom on November 1st!
And because I think this is so important, the activity that I created is completely FREE at my Teachers Pay Teachers store! Click the image to get your copy. I would love it if you left me feedback!


  1. I was just looking for Halloween Safety stuff. Thanks for sharing this on Manic Monday!!
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  2. Thanks for the freebie! What a great idea!


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