This Year's "Must-Have"

T-Minus 5 days. Tomorrow is the last day I can get into my classroom before the students arrive on Tuesday. I've been working like a madwoman! My space is DEFINITELY coming together, especially after that amazing facelift I gave it last weekend! :)

Tonight I'd like to share with everyone one of my current faves as I prep my classroom:

That, my friends, is a very large roll of magnetic tape. 25 feet to be exact! And this is my SECOND roll! I purchased it at Michaels (with one of their 40% off coupons, of course!) here in Canada, but as it is made in the USA I would imagine it is available there, too!

I absolutely despise the gross, sticky residue that tape leaves behind on my boards after months, or sometimes even days, of holding something up. This tape allows me to move things around, reposition displays when they aren't quite up to my OCD standards straight, or take something down and replace it with something else, with NO yucky mess! I'm using it to hang my daily agenda cards,
these cuties that I found FREE at Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten,
 my class job board,
 Boggle board,
and my Word Wall headers!
One note about this idea though... not all boards are magnetic. I found that out the hard way in my first year teaching! HA!


  1. Awesome ideas! I had the same blue with stars border! I had an entire shoebox filled with magnets and it totally disappeared. :( Maybe it is time to go to Michaels and get some of that cool magnet tape!


    1. Hi Bex! I even used it to put up the border around the Boggle board! I'm obsessed!! lol It really is so handy, and at only $10 a roll (before the great discount!) it doesn't break the bank, which makes it that much better!


  2. Erin, did you make your Boggle letters?
    Grade 4 Buzz

    1. No,Shannon at "Technology Rocks. Seriously." made them for me. You can get them HERE.


  3. Your classroom is coming along nicely. It looks great! I use magnetic strips on my magnetic white boards as well. This year, I'm using magnetic strips on my washroom sign-out, too. I used a baking pan, Mod Podged some scrapbook paper, printed out students' names, and placed magnetic tape behind each name. Students will move their name from the "In" section to the "Out" section before leaving to go to the washroom.
    I'm hoping to do a full classroom reveal this weekend on my blog. I'd love it if you came by to visit it.
    Best wishes to you for a wonderful school year.
    Najda (from Toronto, Canada)


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