Secret Mission: Facelift!

I've been seeing so many classroom photos posted in the past weeks as my US friends begin heading back to school. I am not yet back to work, but I have been into my new classroom several times to get my own set-up started. This Friday and Saturday I launched Secret Mission: Facelift! If you take a look at these photos from some of my previous blog posts you'll see why...
Can you see the horrible old burnt-orange shelves under the chalk board?
THESE horrible old shelves!! Ugh... they are older than I am!! ;) WELL... this is what they look like now...
I'm thrilled with how bright and clean they are! They make the room look so much larger!

Part two of Secret Mission: Facelift was to tackle the old radiator that runs the length of my room, right under my SMART Board. Can you see why...?
Look at the paint...
There was NO WAY I was going to live with that. SOOOO.... here's what I did...
I love, love, LOVE it!! It really looks and feels like a new classroom! :) Now I can finish getting things up on the walls and start actually planning for September 3rd!!


  1. Erin - you are a genius with that facelift! It honestly looks fabulous, bright and cheery now. Well done and thanks for sharing... I appreciated your comments on my blog too!
    : )
    Whimsy Workshop Teaching

  2. WOW, that seriously DOES look like a new classroom. FABULOUS!!!
    :) Erin
    I'm Lovin Lit

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Kim! I can't wait to get the rest of it set up now that the painting is finished! :)


  4. Hi Erin
    I like your new yellow shelves and I LOVE what you did to the radiator! That green is awesome! Thanks for joining me at Schoolroom Swag! I'm glad to have you! I'm also your newest follower!
    Schoolroom Swag

  5. Your room looks so great Erin!!

  6. I am envious of the fact that you are able to paint in your classroom?! I have the ugliest pink cabinets and cubbies (courtesy of the 80's)that I would love to makeover, but, alas, we are not allowed to touch it. Your room looks awesome!

    Classroom Capers


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