I Heart Math!!

I love math. I love teaching it, and I love finding new ways to teach my students how to succeed with it. A couple of years ago I earned my Math Specialist qualifications. I must admit, however, that I was not a math lover as a student. Endless fact drills on worksheets didn't resonate with me (does it with anyone?!) and so I merely did what I needed to to get by. I think there must be a part of me that is completely determined to not have any of my own students feel about math the way I felt about it as a child.

So... do I need to explain the feeling I get when a student tells me, "This is AWESOME!", or "I LOVE division, Mrs. Beattie!", or "Do we have time to play multiplication I Have, Who Has?".... um, YES, yes we do!! And guess what...? I heard all of these things this past week alone! (Can you see me smiling?!)

As I've posted before, my Multiplication Basic Facts "I Have, Who Has" Game has become a real favorite in my classroom. My kids are really nuts about it! This past week I posted a couple more fun math resources that I'll be using with my class in the coming weeks.

We are starting our algebra unit this week, so I spent some time this weekend getting a set of SMART Board lessons ready to go. There are activities on the relationship between numbers in equations,

concepts of equality (I love the scale balance activities!),

and finally, the use of variables in equations. Tricky for some, but oh-so-satisfying when they get it!

This should be fun!

I also posted my new Find-A-Ship Game! In the style of Battleship, I think know my kids will love this one when I break it out later on in the spring. I used to play this on my old overhead projector, but now that my classroom has moved into the 21st century I've updated it for the SMART Board!

I would LOVE to hear about your favorite math products, resources or websites! Please add your comments below!


  1. I just added an Earth Day math packet, and a freebie that features word problems. They can both be found at http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/The-Kinder-garden-6794

    I also blogged about them today. (the packet is going on sale tomorrow but it's a secret... shhhh... )

    My Kinder-Garden

    1. Sounds great, Crystal! I'll have to let our Kindergarten teachers know it is out there! :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I'm hoping that with this new feature, I can learn to love math too! :) My head is buzzing with all the wonderful games people have submitted and all the amazing websites I've visited in the last few days! Thank you for mentioning and linking to my weekly feature! :)

    The Adventures of an Occasional Teacher

    1. I am so happy to mention it, Renee! I was a little hesitant to post anything last night when I didn't see anything on your blog page, but you had said in your e-mail that Sunday was ok, so I went for it! :) I can't wait to see what is posted!

      Enjoy your week! :)



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